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Marriage: Children:
  1. Wessel Dirckszen ten Broek: Birth: 1664. Death: 1747

  2. Elsje Dirckszen ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1665. Death: 29 JUN 1752 in Albany, Albany Co., New York

  3. Catalyntje ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1668.

  4. Cornelia Dirckszen ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1670. Death: AFT. 1 MAR 1723/24

  5. Gertrude ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1672. Death: 1738

  6. Christina Dirckszen ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1674 in New Albany.

  7. Elisabeth ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1676.

  8. Lidia ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1678 in Albany.

  9. Samuel ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1680.

  10. Johannes ten Broek: Birth: ABT. 1682 in Albany.

  11. Manasse ten Broek: Birth: 21 NOV 1686. Death: BEF. 1715

  12. Ephraim ten Broek: Birth: 21 NOV 1686. Death: BEF. 1715

  13. Tobias ten Broek: Birth: 20 FEB 1688/89.

a. Note:   Christina Van Buren Ten Broeck by Stefan Bielinski
  Christina Van Buren was born in Rensselaerswyck in 1644, the daughter of Cornelis Maas and Cathalina Martens Van Buren. Her parents both died on the same day in 1648. She was raised on the farm of Teunis Dirckse and Cornelia Van Vechten of Papskanee Island.
  At nineteen, this orphaned farm girl married twenty-four-year-old Dirck Wesselse - a successful fur trader and a major figure in early Albany history. The couple moved into the Anneke Jans house on lower State Street, joined the Albany Dutch church, and began to raise a family.
  A young bride, Christina gave birth to thirteen children between 1664 and 1689. Eleven of her children survived to marriage age - making her the matriarch of a large extended family over her long life.
  Dirck Wesselse acquired extensive acreage across the upriver region. After 1700, these Ten Broecks retired to their estate or Bouwerie along the Roeloff Jansen Kil on Livingston Manor.
  On the death of Dirck Wesselse in 1717, his "well-beloved" Christina inherited the bulk of her husband's vast estate with the proviso that she remain a widow and not sell any of the real property to strangers. In 1718, the now seventy-four-year-old widow appointed her sons, Wessel and Johannes, and son-in-law Johannes Cuyler as her attornies to administer the estate in accordance with the wishes of her late husband.
  Christina Ten Broeck then went to lived in their old Albany house under the care of the family of Johannes Ten Broeck. She died in November 1729 at age 85 and was buried in the church cemetery.
  notes The life of Christina Van Buren Ten Broeck is CAP biography number 29. The most extensive narrative account of her life appears in Emma Runk's Ten Broeck Genealogy
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