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Marriage: Children:
  1. Barent Adam Vrooman: Birth: 1679. Death: 14 AUG 1746

  2. Wouter Adam Vrooman: Birth: 9 SEP 1680 in Schenectady. Death: 26 OCT 1756 in Vale Cemetery, Schenectady, New York

  3. Janneltie Adamse Vrooman: Birth: ABT. 1682. Death: BEF. 1729

  4. Pieter Adam Vrooman: Birth: 4 MAY 1684 in Schenectady. Death: 20 DEC 1771 in Schoharie NY

  5. Christina Adamse Vrooman: Birth: 18 OCT 1685. Death: BEF. 1729

  6. Hendrick Adam Vrooman: Birth: 1687.

Marriage: Children:
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Marriage: Children:
  1. Johannes Adam Vrooman: Birth: 30 MAY 1697.

  2. Maria Adamse Vrooman: Birth: 1 SEP 1699.

  3. Bartholomeus Adam Vrooman: Birth: 22 DEC 1700 in Albany, Albany, Ny. Death: 1760 in Schoharie, Ny

  4. Timotheus Adam Vrooman: Birth: 8 NOV 1702.

  5. Seth Adam Vrooman: Birth: 7 JAN 1704/05. Death: 1766 in Schenectady, Schenectady, Ny

  6. Jacob Meese Adam Vrooman: Birth: 3 JUL 1707.

  7. Eva Adamse Vrooman: Birth: ABT. 1710.

a. Note:   Jan. 13. Adam Vroman, widr. of Grietje Rykman, l. at Sch., and Grietje Takels, y.d., l. at N.A. 1697 DRA
  Came over 1670 age 21
  Page 337.--In the name of God, Amen, the 12 day of September, 1729. I, ADAM VROOMAN, of the township of Schenectady, being weak of body. I leave to my eldest son, Barent Vrooman, �4, "good and lawful money, wherewith and other considerations I have given him in my life time, he is to rest and be contented, and I debar him from any further pretence and claim." I leave to my son, Hendrick Vrooman, �2; to my son Wouter Vrooman, �2; and to my sons, Timothy, Seth, and Jacob, each �2. And as to my son, Peter Vrooman, I do for lawful considerations, to myself best known, utterly exclude and debar him from being one of my heirs, both of my real and personal estate." As to my two daughters, Mariche and Eva, I leave it wholly to the discretion of my executors. I leave to my dearly beloved wife, Margareta Vrooman, all and singular my houses and lands, messuages and tenements in the county of Albany, and all my movable estate and household goods to her and her heirs, and she is to pay all debts "which are considerable" and also my funeral charges. And if anything should remain after her death it is my will that she should dispose of it by will to any of my children as she may think fit, and I make her executor. View full context is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.