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Marriage: Children:
  1. Amanda P. McKim: Birth: 1859. Death: 1927

  2. J. William McKim: Birth: 1862 in Mercer Co., PA. Death: 1938

  3. Charles H. McKim: Birth: Dec 1864. Death: 11 Jan 1866

1. Source:   S565747307
2. Title:   Phyllis Mock McWilliams
Note:   Phyllis, who is the wife of Stanley Curtis McWilliams, has contributed much of
Source:   S565747307
RepositoryId:   R500400426
Note continued:   the information which is cited throughout her very thorough, labor intensive study of the McWilliams Family. Credit is g iven to all of the sources who contributed to this r

a. Note:   REFN: 10493 pmm Notes: Mercer Co. Cem., Inscrip. Vol. 1, p. 52. Mercer Citizen's Cem., Findl ey Twp. Section 1. Copied north to south starting in the east. Row 21. #38 Elvira Ellen wife of Robert A. McKim & dau. of O. H. & H. Gould d A pr 19, 1866, 29y #39. Charles H. Son of R. A. & E. E. McKIM d Jan 11, 1866 age 2y 12 d . #40. Margaret M. wife of R. A. McKIM d Apr 1, 1891 age 48y #41. Robert A. McKIM Sept 10, 1838 - Aug 13, 1906 #42. Amanda P. McKIM 1859 - 1927 #43. J. Wm. McKIM 1862 - 1938. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.