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Pieter (Pierre) MONTFOORT: Birth: 1616. Death: 4 JAN 1660/61 in Wallabout, Long Island, New York
Sara Sarah MONTFOORT: Birth: 2 APR 1656 in Walbout, Long Island, NY. Death: 31 DEC 1704 in Flatlands, Kings, Long Island, NY
Sarah Pieterse MONTFOORT: Birth: 21 JUL 1652 in Wallabout, Long Island, New York, United States.
Willem Montfoort: Birth: 12 MAY 1646 in New Amsterdam, Montgomery, NY.
Willemtje Pieterse MONTFOORT: Birth: 1658 in Wallbout, Long Island, New York, United States.
Willemtpje Pieterse Montfoort: Birth: ABT. 1658.
Elizabeth de Montfort: Birth: ABT. 1252. Death: ABT. 1287
Hugh de Grentmesnil Montfort: Birth: ABT. 1023 in Of, Grentemessnil, Calvaadoss, France. Death: 22 FEB 1093/94 in at Leicestershire, England
William Talvas MONTGOMERY DESPENCER: Birth: 1100 in Of, Elington, Lincolnshire, England.
Thomas Monthermer: Birth: ABT. 1310 in Akko. Hazafon, Israel. Death: 1340 in Battle of Sluys
Placentia of Montoire: Birth: ABT. 962.
Frances Montressor: Birth: 4 APR 1790 in New York City, NY.
Herluin Montreuil: Death: 945
Rotgaire Montreuil: Death: 957
William L Montreus: Birth: 965.
Maud Montvillers: Birth: ABT. 1096.

Victoria Josephine MOOR: Birth: 14 MAR 1846 in Plymouth, Windsor, Vt. Death: 14 MAR 1885 in Plymouth, Windsor, Vt

Fonia Of Moray: Birth: ABT. 1145 in Of , Moray, Scotland.
Ranulf(Ranulph) Of Moray: Birth: ABT. 1120 in Of, Moray, Scotland. Death: AFT. 1165
Alice Morden: Birth: ABT. 1575. Death: 1597
Ragnhild (Hilda) Hrolfsdatter Countess of More: Birth: 848 in Norway.
Canute:The Gross" Svendsson King Of (See more): Birth: 995 in Of Denmark. Death: 12 NOV 1035 in Shaftsbury, Dorset, England/ St Peter's Hampshire
Jacqueline Moreau: Birth: ABT. 1583.
Rebecca Morehouse: Birth: 1667 in Fairfield Twp, Fairfield Cty, CT. Death: 2 APR 1692 in Fairfield Twp, Fairfield Cty, CT
Thomas Morehouse: Birth: 1635 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. Death: UNKNOWN in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT/Old Cemetary, Fairfield, CT

Provost of Beverly Morgan: Birth: ABT. 1168.
Pierre De MORLAIS: Birth: ABT. 1350 in , , Frence.

Anne Mortimer: Birth: 27 DEC 1388. Death: SEP 1411 in Interred Kings Langley Church, Hertshire
Edmund Mortimer: Death: 1304 in Wigmore
Hugh Mortimer: Birth: 1272.
Maud Mortimer: Birth: ABT. 1213 in Of, Kings, Nympton, Devonshire, Englnd.
Roger Mortimer: Birth: 1374 in Usk. Monmouthshire, England. Death: 20 JUL 1398 in Kenlis, Ireland/Interred Wigmore, Herford.
Roger Mortimer: Death: 1282

Alexander Morton: Birth: 1710 in County Antrim, Ireland.
Elizabeth Morton: Birth: 1740 in Scotland or Irel.
Jane Morton: Birth: 1738 in Scotland or Irel. Death: 28 JAN 1817 in ,Chester, South Carolina
John Morton: Birth: 1749 in Scotland or Irel.
Margaret Morton: Birth: 1747 in Scotland or Irel.
Robert Morton: Birth: ABT. 1490 in Sanford, Shropshire, England.
Thomas Morton: Birth: 1736 in County Antrim, Ireland. Death: 25 AUG 1806 in ,Chester, South Carolina

Ermengarde (Irmgard) Duchess MOSELLE (MAASGAU): Birth: ABT. 832 in , , Alsace-Lorraine.
Giselbert Count Of The MOSELLE (MAASGAU): Birth: ABT. 830 in Of, , Moselle, Austrasia. Death: ABT. 892
Ausbert Moselle: Birth: 527. Death: 570
Maude Moser: Birth: 16 MAR 1893 in Caladonia, Iowa. Death: 9 SEP 1994 in Brookings, Oregon
Grissell MOULTON: Birth: ABT. 1430 in Of Moulton, , England.
John MOULTON: Birth: ABT. 1404 in <Of Moulton, , England>.

Countess Of GHESNES Mrs-Alphonso: Birth: ABT. 1000 in Of Hedingham, Essex, England.
Comtesse De BOULOGNE Mrs-Arnoul: Birth: ABT. 927 in Of, Boulogne, Artois, France.
I Mrs-Henry: Birth: ABT. 1078 in Of, , , England.
Duchess Of HESBAYE Mrs-Ingeramme: Birth: ABT. 758 in Of, , , Belgium.
AEthelred Mucil: Birth: ABT. 810 in Of Wessex, England. Death: 846
Elizabeth Ann Manfull Mugliston: Birth: 1878. Death: 1971
George Mugliston: Birth: 1850 in Chellaston, Derbyshire. Death: 1925

Joan(Momford) Mumford: Birth: 1556 in Bishops, Stortford, Hertfordshire, England. Death: 29 JUN 1618 in Bishops, Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Sarah De MUNCHENSY: Birth: ABT. 1097 in Of, , Norfolk, England.

Elizabeth of Rowallan Mure: Birth: in Scotland. Death: 1355

Joan Mytton: Birth: ABT. 1455. Death: in Witchenford , Witchenford, Worchestershire, England
William Mytton: Birth: ABT. 1397 in Weston, Stratford, England.

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