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  1. Agnes (Egidia?) Comyn: Birth: ABT 1240.

  2. John (Earl of Buchan) Comyn: Death: 1308

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a. Note:   "...Elizabeth De Quincy, who married Alexander (Earl of Buchan) Comyn. CP12 (part II), a volume published in 1959, at 753, shows that Elizabeth (or Isabel) was the daughter of "Roger (De Quency," 2nd Earl of Winchester by his 1st wife Helen, 2nd but surviving daughter and coheir of Alan, Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland. CP2: 375, a volume published in 1912, shows the same ancestry, but spells the name "de Quincy," not "de Quency."
  SP2:254 favors the spelling "de Quincy," saying that Alexander Comyn "married Elizabeth or Isabella (called also Marjory), third daughter of Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winton [must mean Winchester], by his first wife Alianora, daughter and co-heiress of Alan of Galloway, who was hereditary Constable of Scotland." Similarly, BURKE'S B & P (1999 edition) at 413, identifies Alexander's wife as "a daughter of Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester."
 "Roger (2nd Earl of Winchester) de Quincy...Maud was his second marriage and it produced no children. CP12 (part II), at 753. As noted above, his first wife was Helen, daughter and coheir of Alan, Lord of Galloway. Since Roger was a sister of Hawise de Quincy, ...their parents being Saher de Quincy and "Margaret, younger sister and coheir of Robert (FitzPernel), 4th Earl of Leicester (who d.s.p. 20 or 21 October 1204), 2nd daughter of Robert, 3rd Earl of Leicester, by Pernel, heiress of the Honor of Grandmesnil." CP12 (part II) 750."
  From Douglas Hickling,, 516 Blair Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94611. 1 February 2002
  SP=THE SCOTS PEERAGE was edited by James (Sir) Balfour Paul. 9 volumes. Volume 1 published in 1904 and volume 8 in 1911. Volume 9, before 1925 (includes the index)
 Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain & the United
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