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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha PEARSON: Birth: 1650.

  2. Mary PEARSON: Birth: ABT 1651.

  3. Thomas PEARSON: Birth: 5 SEP 1653 in Pownal Fee, Cheshire, England. Death: 27 MAY 1734 in Marple, Chester Co, Pennsylvania

  4. John PEIRSON: Birth: 5 SEP 1654.

  5. Robert PEIRSON: Birth: ABT 1656.

  6. Sarah PEIRSON: Birth: 8 NOV 1658.

  7. Edward PEARSON: Birth: 1661.

a. Note:   A.D. 1673, Feb, 21, I LAWRENCE PEIRSON, of Pownall Fee, Co.
 Chester, mason.
 I give
 unto my sonne JOHN L4
 unto my sonne EDWARD the dishboard, the Little Plow and the
 little pair of Plow irons, etc.
 unto my daughter MARY 1/3. It is my will that the rest of my
 goods, etc. be divided into four equall parts and three parts
 thereof be divided into equal portions
 unto my sonne JOHN
 unto my son THOMAS and
 unto my daughter Sarah. And the fourth equall part being
 divided as aforesaid I give unto my Executors to according as
 they in their wisdom and discretion shall see occasion.
 Executors my brother ROBERT PEIRSON of Pownal Fee, mason, and
 JOHN JOHNSON of Baguly, yeoman, and RANDLE JANNEY of Pownall
 Fee, husbandman. Lawrence Peirson
 Witnesses, Peter BURGES, John HOBSON, the mark of O for Richard
 NEILD. Proved 20 June 1674 by Jo. Johnson one of the Executors
 named. Power reserved to Robert PEIRSON, Randle JANNEY being
 Invetoris 28 February 1674.
  Imprissoned for testifying in the streets of Highfield,
  Know all men by theise presents that I Lawrence Peirson of
 pownall ffee in the County of Chester mason being in perfect
 memory blessed be the Lord doe hereby make and ordaine this my
 last will and testament in manner and forme ffollowing: viz:
 ffirst < at after my debts and funerall expences > I doe give
 and bequeath unto my sonne John the full summe of four pound to
 be taken up first forth of my goods or Chattells item I doe
 give unto my sonne Edward the dishboard and waterboard and the
 little plow and the little pair of plow irons and the
 cheesepress item I doe give unto my daughter mary the summe of
 one shilling item It is my will and mind that all the rest of
 my goods Cattells and Chattells be divided into four equall
 parts and three parts thereoff to be divided in equall portions
 unto my sonne John and unto my sonne Thomas and unto my
 daughter Sarah to each of them an equall portion as aforesaid:
 and the ffourth equall part being divided as afforesaid I give
 unto my executors herein and hereafter nominated to Administer
 to my Daughter Mary or her issues necessitie according as they
 in their wisdome and discretion shall see occation item I doe
 hereby make and ordaine my brother Robert peirson of pownall
 ffee = in the County of Chester mason and John Johnson of
 Baguly in the County of Chester yoman and Randle Janney of the
 afforesd pownallffee and County of Chester husbandman my true
 and lawfull executors to see this my last will and testament
 performed In wittness whereoff I have hereunto sett my hand and
 seale the one and twentyth day of the twelfth month called
 ffebruary in the yeare of our Lord god:
  The document is signed by Lawrence Peirson and three witnesses
 and there is some additional writing on the occasion of his
 death the following year.
  Refused to pay a tithe, and had a horse wrth >3 confiscated to
 pay the 8sh. tithe.
 Note: Arrested at a meeting and jailed for two months.
  Alias: Lawrence /PEIRSON/
 Pierson/Pearson is a common name in parish registers, according to Agatha
 Ann Hartley.
 Lawrence was a Reverend. Lawrence could read and write according to
 Elton Pearson's short history of the Pearson family in America and was
 entitled to a coat of arms. He is buried in the "Friends" Burying
 Ground, Mobberly , Cheshire, England.
 Wally Garchow and Corinne Diller show Lawrence's date of death as
 February 24, 1672/73.
 Another source indicates that Lawrence was a mason by trade.
 Will of Lawrence Pearson in Probate Registry, Chester, England dated
 February, 21, 1673:
  Lawrence and Thomas Peirson, along with their families, were all very
 active and very early Quakers.They are all mentioned in the MM of Chester
 England in 1657 in a pamphlet about these "trouble makers" and the
 terrible treatment they received, also the tithes they paid, etc.,
 Lawrence Peirson and Thomas Janney especially.
 The names of other Quakers mentioned also turn up as witnesses to the
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