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Marriage: Children:
  1. Demaris Hopkins: Birth: ABT 1618.

  2. Oceanus Hopkins: Birth: ABT 1620 in Mayflower At Sea On Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Deborah Hopkins: Birth: ABT 1622.

  4. Damaris Hopkins: Birth: ABT 1628 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: BEF 18 NOV 1669 in Plymouth, Massachusetts

  5. Ruth Hopkins: Birth: ABT 1630.

  6. Elizabeth Hopkins: Birth: ABT 1632.

  7. Caleb Hopkins: Birth: ABT 1634.

a. Note:   Not much is known about Mayflower passenger Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins .
 She married Stephen Hopkins on 19 February 1617/8 at St. Mary Matfell on,
 Whitechapel, and had a daughter Damaris born somewhere in England a round
 1619. They had their second child, Oceanus, onboard the Mayflowe r as it
 was traveling to America. Elizabeth was one of only four wome n who
 survived to the "first" Thanksgiving.
 There is a baptism of an Elizabeth Fisher on 3 March 1582 at St. Mary ,
 Whitechapel, that very well could be the Mayflower passenger, althoug h a
 first marriage at the age of 35 is somewhat unusual. Unfortunately , the
 name of the father is not included in the baptism record.
 Stephen and Elizabeth had five more children in America. She died somet
 ime between 1638 and 1644 in Plymouth.
 Came on the ship Mayflower.
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