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Marriage: Children:
  1. Arnoul I "le Vieux" Marquis de FLANDRES: Birth: ABT 889 in Flanders, Belgium. Death: 27 MAR 964

  2. Engelbert I Count of BRIENNE: Birth: ABT 907.

a. Note:   NI06950
Note:   This is not Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem.
Charles III (called the Simple for being straightforward) had been consecrated king by Rheims archbishop Fulk in 898. Flanders count Baldwin II (r. 879-918) tried to eliminate Fulk's power by having him murdered in 900, but Fulk's work was carried on by his successor Archbishop Herveus (900-922), who convened a synod for reform at Trosly in 909
Event 900 Had Fulk, Archbishop of Rheims, murdered
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