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1. Title:   Will of John Beauchamp, II (d. c 1619)

a. Note:   This could possibly be this John Beauchamp
  From the book A Transcript of the Stationer's Registers, 1554-1640 AD
 Vol. II, page 156
 24to aprilis 31 Elizabeth[o] {also mentioned as 1589}
  master John harrison th{e}lder nowe Master of ye cumpany
 John Bechem sonne of JOHN BECHEM OF NORTHMPTON in ye countie of NORTHAMPTON vphoslter[er]: hath put him self apprentice to master John
 harrison th[e]lder citizen and Staconer of London and nowe master of
 the cumpanye for the terme of Ten yeres from the feast of ye
 purification of Sainct Mary the virgin Last paste [2 February 1589] .
 . . . . . . ijs vjd
  Apparantly John Becham was apprenticed to a publishing company in
 London, probably the only one as this is the time of mercantilism.
 For 10 years which would end in 1599 and as for the money I think that
 was given to John Harrison to train him and take care of him as
 apprentices didn't get paid. 2 shilling 6 pence.
  He is mentioned one other time in the Index
 on page 716
  26 marcij 1596 {That must be some kind of latin. I'll know this fall
 when I start Latin. I can't wait}
  Master harrison th[e]lder
 John Bechem sworne and admitted a freman of this company iijs iiijd 3 shilling 4 pence seems to be the average pay or what not for Freman
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