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Marriage: Children:
  1. Agnes Beauchamp: Birth: BEF. 1525. Death: AFT. 1545

  2. John Beauchamp: Birth: BEF. 1531. Death: AFT. 1619

1. Title:   Will of Thomas Beauchamp, I (d. c. 1545)
2. Title:   Will of Agnes ? (d. c. 1545)

  . . . . . my body to be buried in St. Peter's churchyard of Cosgrave.
  I bequeath unto the church of St. Peter of Cosgrave my black cow and one of the best kerchiefs and to bells 4d.
  Also I bequeath unto Thomas Conqest my black mare and her foal and a pair of hose cloth of white carsay(?)
  And to my son-in-law my brown cow, paying unto Father Nicholas Wyke, Magister, 5s for to pray for my soul and all Christian souls.
  Also I bequeath to Fr. Nicholas, my ghostly father, a pair of flaxen sheets.
  Also I bequeath unto my sister (no name given) my best pane (PAN?) and all my best wearing gear, both linen and woollen except a vpothytt(sic) coat.
  Item: I give unto John Peyr and (sic) a kerchief and a smock.
  Also I will that the great church of Kekyn shall have a sheet.
  The residue of all my goods, corn and cattle moveable and unmoveable, my funeral expenses and debts paid, I give unto Saint Peter's Church of Cosgrave to buy a cope and will that Fr. Nicholas and Pass (?Parson, Paster) Orlie (?) see this my will performed, as my trust is in them.
  In witness: Fr. Nicholas Wyke, Thomas Cheyse and John Payr.
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