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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary McCue: Birth: Abt 1898 in Blantyre, Lanark.

  2. James McCue: Birth: Abt 1900 in Blantyre, Lanark.

  3. Isabella McCue: Birth: 8 Mar 1915. Death: Abt 1994

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a. Note:   Birth reported by father Neil who signs by Mark. Marriage date of parents on this certifucate is wrongly given as 1864.
b. Note:   HI2567
Note:   (Research):According to Christina Curran she died in Childbirth or soon thereafter.
 not found on 1881 or 1891 census in Scotland
c. Note:   MI2567
Note:   (Medical):Alice aged 42 years and married to James McCue, Coal Miner.
 Reported by James McCue, widower.
d. Note:   Alice aged 25 born in Tannochside, Lanarkshire. This is different from other info giving her birthplace as Ireland.
e. Note:   NF875
Note:   James aged 22 and a Coal Miner of Blantyre Works, Blantyre.
 Alice aged 21 and a Laundry Maid of Blantyre Works, Blantyre.
 After Publication according to the forms of the Roman Catholic Church.
 Priest: Thomas Hackett.
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