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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary /Brewer/: Birth: Abt 1625 in Hampton, Rockingham, NH.

  2. Sarah /Brewer/: Birth: 8 Mar 1638 in Roxbury, Norfolk, MA. Death: 15 Feb 1717 in Kingston, Plymouth, Mass

  3. Mary Rebecca /Brewer/: Birth: 10 Nov 1653 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA. Death: 27 Jul 1690

  4. Mary /Brewer/: Birth: 16 Jun 1655 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA.

  5. Thomas /Brewer/: Birth: 29 May 1658 in Lynn, Essex Co, MA. Death: 8 Oct 1702

  6. Chrispus /Brewer/: Birth: 1660 in Lynn, Essex Co., MA. Death: 11 Dec 1706

  7. John /Brewer/: Birth: 10 May 1662 in Of, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. Death: 23 Jun 1684 in Prob. Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts

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