Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Sarah Pittman was born 7 APR 1763 in Amelia Co.,VA. She was the daughter of John Pittman and Mary Rowe.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

John Pittman was born 3 OCT 1726 in Brunswick Co.,VA, and died 17 APR 1785 in Kiokee Creek,Richmond Co.,VA. He was buried in Pittman Plantation,Richmond Co.,VA.

Mary Rowe was born 1730 in VA.

Children of Mary /Rowe/ and John /Pittman/ are:
  1. Buckner Pittman was born 27 APR 1748 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  2. Lucy Pittman was born 4 JUN 1750 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  3. John Ichabod Pittman was born 17 APR 1752 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  4. Mary Ann Pittman was born 20 MAY 1754 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  5. James Green Pittman was born 4 MAR 1756 in Amelia Co.,VA, and died 25 DEC 1850 in Jackson,Madison Co.,VA. He married Martha Taylor on 5 JUL 1781 in Henry Co.,VA. She was born 4 MAY 1764 in Amelia Co.,VA, and died 17 MAR 1850 in jackson Co.,Georgia. She was buried in Pittman Family Cemetary,Madison Co.,VA.

  6. Martha Pittman was born 23 FEB 1760 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  7. Sarah Pittman was born 7 APR 1763 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  8. Phillip Pittman was born 7 JUL 1765 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  9. Millie Pittman was born 3 FEB 1766 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  10. Timothy Pittman was born 10 JAN 1767 in Amelia Co.,VA.

  11. Grace Pittman was born 22 FEB 1773 in Columbia Co.,GA.

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