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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ragnvald I "the Wise" /Eysteinsson/: Birth: 830 in More,Norway. Death: 890 in Orkney Islands,Scotland

  2. Malahule Eyesteinson /Moerjarl/: Birth: 845 in Maer,Nord Trondelag,Norway. Death: BET. 911 - 912

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Marriage: Children:
  1. Rognvald Eysteinsson Earl of /Moera/: Birth: 830 in Maer,Norway. Death: 890 in Maer,Norway

  2. Sigurd , Earl /Eysteisson/: Birth: 832.

1. Title:   De La Pole.FTW
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a. Note:   1 NAME Eystein Ivarsson /Moerjarl/ 1 BIRT 2 PLAC Moer, Norway 1 DEAT 2 DATE AFT. 830 [De La Pole.FTW] Sources: A. Roots 121E, 143A; RC 44, 166; Kraentzler 1453, 1593, 1609,1645; AF; The Dukes of Normandy and Their Origins; Pfafman; History of theVikings; Russell. RC:Eistein Ivarsson, Jarl of Hedemarken (of the Uplands), ca 830. Roots: Eystein Glumra, Jarl of the Upplands, ca. 830, said to havefathered two known children: Swanhild and Ragnvald I. K. calls him Eystein Ivarsson, aka Euslin "Ghimrice/Ghemvice" ofSchleswig. K: Eystein "Glumra" Ivarsson, Count of Maere (More). Jarl of theUplanders in Norway. Russell: Eisten Glumru of Vors, A.D. 870. Names Rogvald as a son, butnot son Malahue and daughter Swanhild. Names instead Sigurd, Jarl of theOrkneys, andd Huldrich, ancestor of Raoul de Toeny. Eystein Glumra was the Earl of Moera (various spellings for this) inNorway and Jarl of Orkney and Shetland. According to both the Heimskringla Saga and the Orkneyinga Saga,Eystein Glumra was the father of Rognvald. The Orkneyinga Saga says EysteinGlumra's earliest forebear was Fornjot, King of Finland and Kvenland. Fornjot's great-great-grandson was Thorri, or Fhorri, who had two sons, Norr andGorr, who emigrated westward. Norr took the mainland called Norway and Gorrtook the islands. Gorr's son Heiti was the father of Sveithi (Sveide), the SeaKing, who died about 760. Sveithi's son, Halfdan the Old, who died in 800, wasthe father of Ivar, Earl of the Uplands. And Ivar, in turn, was the father of Eystein Glumra. RC 44 calls this man Eistein Ivarsson, son of Ivar, who was son ofHalfdan the Old. So it follows the Sagas for three generations. There was no written language during this period, and the Norse sagas provided oral histories, much like those Alex Haley, author of "Roots," found in Africa. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.