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Marriage: Children:
  1. Marie Ursule Jacob: Birth: 12 MAR 1674 in L'Ange-Gardien,Quebec. Death: 11 SEP 1760 in L'ile-Dupas,Quebec

a. Note:   St-Germain-the Auxerrois, of the archbishop's palace of Paris, wire of Edm�e Jacob and Jeanne Bellejambe. The ancestor, �Etienne Jacob, are quoted for the first time in News-France, July 4 1665, engaging by a contract, owe the Aubert notary, as servant of Antoine Berson. With the census of 1666, it is registered to be 18 years old, like working in Beaupr�e. The following year, with the census of 1667, 20 years old, it is still in Beaupr�e, this time, as servant of Antoine Cass�e. �Etienne Jacob signs a marriage contract on August 31 1670, in front of the Becquet notary, whom it cancels, then revalide on following 10 October. Finally, the marriage takes place, the 14 of the same month, in Quebec, with a fellow-countrywoman from Paris, old of hardly 17 years. Jeanne Fressel, girl of Andre Fressel and Marie Avies, arrives to us of the parish of Saint Nicolas's Day of the Fields. Last nine children are born with the couple between 1671 and 1698, the Angel-Guard, including seven girls and two boys. Only one of wire melts a hearth, to propagate the Jacob patronym, until our days. As for the girls, each one melts a hearth, of which two concern us in this genealogy. The first, Marguerite Jacob, were born on November 27 1677, become the wife on April 30, 1702, Pierre Trudel, born into 1658, wire of the ancestor Jean Trudel and Marguerite Thomas. The other girl, Catherine Jacob, are baptized on April 21 1688. She becomes the wife on January 18, 1712, of Antoine Godin who was born on September 2 1688, wire of the ancestor Charles Godin and Marie Boucher. January 4 1676, the ancestor �Etienne Jacob, acts as usher of the seigniory of Bowsprit. With the census of 1681, �Etienne Jacob is 32 years old, registered voter with the Angel-Guard. From April 10 1683 to August 10, 1726, he is a clerk, notary of the seigniory of Bowsprit and even judge, of March 12 1689 to August 22, 1712. May 25, 1703, it acts like judges baillif, of the island of Orleans. His wife dies after March 1, 1717.
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