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Marriage: Children:
  1. John ALLEN: Birth: abt 1776 in Va.

  2. Susannah Allen: Birth: abt 1777 in Nelson Co., VA .

  3. Samuel ALLEN: Birth: Est 1803 in Nelson Co., VA .

Marriage: Children:
  1. Barbara L. (Barbary) ALLEN: Birth: 14 Dec 1808 in Nelson Co., VA . Death: bfr 19 Mar 1832 in Nelson Co., VA

  2. George W. ALLEN: Birth: 26 Mar 1810 in Nelson Co., VA.

  3. Jessie Jobalyn ALLEN: Birth: 16 Jul 1813 in Nelson Co., VA. Death: 28 Aug 1897 in Greenwood Twp., Christian Co., IL

  4. William H. ALLEN: Birth: 14 Jun 1816 in Nelson Co., VA .

  5. Landon C. ALLEN: Birth: 06 Jun 1819 in Nelson Co., VA .

  6. Sally B. ALLEN: Birth: 09 May 1822 in Nelson Co., VA.

  7. James M. ALLEN: Birth: 08 Jul 1825 in Nelson Co., VA .

  8. Elizabeth M. ALLEN: Birth: 14 Apr 1828 in Nelson Co., VA.

  9. Andrew Jackson ALLEN: Birth: 10 Jun 1831 in Nelson Co., VA .

a. Note:   CRAIG S. ALLEN RESEARCHING June 01, 2001
 Amherst County Clerk's Office
  Found Copy of Marriage Bond dated December 14, 1807
 WILLIAM ALLEN and DOLLY BAILEY, Witnessed by: Thomas Nash and Jas. B. Edwards.
  "Know all seen by these presents, that we WM ALLEN & THOMAS NASH are held and firmly bound unto WM. H. Cabell Esquire the Governor of Virginia and to his sucessors in office in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollar ($150) current money of Virginia to which payment, well and truly to be made, we bind our selves our heirs ye jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Seals with our seals and dated thirteenth day of December 1807 - The conditions of the above obligation is surely that whereas there is a marraige intended shortly to be had and solemized between the said WILLIAM ALLEN & DOLLYT BAILEY (Spinster) - Now if there should be no legal cause to obstruct said marriage, then the above obligation to be void otherwise to remain nin full force and virtue -.
 Given luck Influence of WILLIAM ALLEN (SEAL)
  Henley Marriages & Obituary"
 The Newspaper - Lynchburg Virginian, Page 3, Column 4 March 6, 1838
  Died - On Tuesday, February 27, at Lovingston, William ALLEN, at a very advanced age, a soldier of the Revolution". (89)
 June 01, 2001
 Augusta County Virginia Library
 Book: AMHERST COUNTY, VIRGINIA, in the Revolution
 ISBN # 0-89308-269-4
 Southern Historical Press
 P.O. Box 1267 375 West Broad Street
 Greenville, SC 29602-1267
  ALLEN, WILLIAM,-- Nelson Co., Va., Sept. 25, 1832; b. Albemarle Co., Oct. 3, 1749, in that part later Amherst and then Nelson. Enlisted June 16, 1779 as private in Capt. PORTER's Co., Col. FONTAINE's Regt. of Guards at Albemarle Barracks, later commanded by Col. TAYLOR and known as the "Convection Guards," marched as guards to prisoners when they were moved to Winchester. An officer at the Barracks, JAMES GARLAND, was killed by a young man on Post named Mansfield (Lawrence Mansfield). SPOTSWOOD GARLAND, Nelson Co., testified to the following return made by Capt. PORTER to HUDSON MARTIN, then Paymaster of the Regt. of Guards appointed by PATRICK HENRY, Esq., Governor of Virginia: "WILLIAM ALLEN was furnished 1 coat, 1 vest, 2 pr. breeches, 4 shirts, 3 pr. stockings, 7 pr. shoes, 1 hat, 1 stock, 1 pr. buckles, 1 blanket, 1 pr. overalls & 1 hunting shirt while in service." SAMUAL ARRINGTON, Nelson Co., testified he was also at the Barracks; WILLIAM FONTAINE commanded the Regt. for a short time; FRANCIS TAYLOR commanded thereafter. CRAIG S. ALLEN RESEARCHING
 June 01, 2001
 Nelson County Library
  Census 1785 Amherst County
 WILLIAM ALLEN WITH 3 WHITE SOULS AND 1 OTHER BUILDING PAGE 84 (First census of the United States).
 October 12, 2001
 Illinois State Library Archives
 West Viginians In the Revolution
  Marriage 1 ? first WIFE
 John ALLEN b: ABT. 1770 in Virginia Marriage 2 Dolly BAILEY
 Married: 16 DEC 1807 in Amherst Co., VA
 Jessie Jobalyn. ALLEN b: 16 JUL 1813 in VA per death info 84 years, 1 month and 13 days of life
  Barbara L. ALLEN b: 14 DEC 1808 in Neslon Co. VA George W. ALLEN b: 26 MAR 1810 William H. ALLEN b: 14 JUN 1816 Landon C. ALLEN b: 6 JUN 1819
 Sally B. ALLEN b: 9 MAY 1822 James M. ALLEN b: 8 JUL 1825
 Elizabeth M. ALLEN b: 14 APR 1828 Andrew Jackson ALLEN b: 10 JUN 1831 ________________________________________________________________________ CRAIG S. ALLEN RESEARCHING October 12, 2001
 Illinois State Library Archives
 West Viginians In the Revolution
 303 CD #520: Early WV Settlers, 1600's-1900's, "West Virginians in the Revolution" pg3-4.
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