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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ruth Ella Dynes: Birth: 23 Jul, 1872 in Hornings Mills Ont. Death: 12 Oct, 1891 in Summerberry Sask.

  2. John Wesley Dynes: Birth: 1874 in Hornings Mills Ont.. Death: 20 Jan.1891 in Summerberry Sask.

  3. Priscilla Jane Dynes: Birth: 25 Mar, 1876 in Hornings Mills Ont.. Death: 27 Jun, 1891 in Summerberry Sask.

  4. Thomas Dewitt Talmage Dynes: Birth: 06 Jan,1878 in Shelburne Ont.. Death: aft 1940 in Minneapolis Minn

  5. Harriet Ann Dynes: Birth: 10Apr,1879 in Hornings Mills Ont.. Death: 7 Sep, 1928 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

  6. Oliver Wesley Dynes: Birth: 10 Mar, 1881 in Dundalk Ont.. Death: 1940 in Knoxville Tenn

  7. Edward Levens Dynes: Birth: 1882 in Ontario. Death: 1968 in Saskatoon Sask.

  8. Reginald Dynes: Birth: 23 Oct, 1886 in Kimberley Ont. Death: aft 1940 in Miles City Mont.

  9. Alma L. Victoria Dynes: Birth: 12 Aug, 1888 in Kimberley Ont.. Death: in Orangeville Ont.

  10. Roy Charles Dynes: Birth: 21 May, 1889 in Canada. Death: 1931 in Fargo ND

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