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Marriage: Children:
  1. Catherine McCuistion: Birth: 1800 in Rhea County, Tennessee. Death: ABT 1891

  2. Jane McCuistion: Birth: 1802 in Rhea County, Tennessee. Death: 1850

  3. James McCuistion: Birth: 1804 in Rhea County, Tennessee. Death: BEF 1861

  4. Rebecca B. McCuistion: Birth: 1806 in Rhea County, Tennessee.

  5. Thomas McCuistion: Birth: 20 JAN 1809 in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee. Death: 19 MAR 1895 in Nacogdoches , Texas

  6. Robert McCuistion: Birth: 1810 in Rhea County, Tennessee. Death: in Lawrence County, Missouri

  7. Mary McCuistion: Birth: 1812 in Rhea County, Tennessee. Death: 1830 in McMinn or Roane County, Tennessee

  8. David Rankin McCuistion: Birth: 1815 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Death: 1883 in Rhea County, Tennessee

  9. Andrew J. McCuistion: Birth: 2 NOV 1816 in East Tennessee. Death: 19 SEP 1888 in Benton County, Arkansas

  10. John Robert McCuistion: Birth: 1818 in Rhea County, Tennessee.

1. Title:   LDS Archive Record of Andrew McQuiston
Publication:   Salt Lake City, Utah: 23 February 1944
2. Title:   McCuistion, Gloria Diane. Genealogy Worksheet
Publication:   Rockwood TN: Collins, Hazel Lorena McCuistion, 26 August 1997
3. Title:   Article written for Nacagdoches Genealogy Society Quarterly.Thisletter was photocopied in the article written by WilliamThomasMcCuistion.

a. Note:   Jefferson County, Tennessee as Andrew McUistian.
  This information is provided via LDS records.
  The date of death is provided by Andrew's great-great-granddaughter,Hazel. Upon Andrew's death, Mary wrote her son Thomas:
  Tennefsee State Roan County May 8, 1834
  Deir Son and Daughter
  I Take My pen To Inform you of My Trouble and Distresf on the 24 ofApril Last your Father Deceast this Life he was Taken Sick in the lastof January Last and in March he took a getherin in His Head and Broakand Run out of Both Ears he then took a Cough and spit up aConsiderable quanity of Flame he got weaker and weaker till the 24 ofApril Last he Deceast and was Beried on The 25 as Esq Longacre My Nearand Deir Children is it trying thing to part with A Companion or atLeast to Discribe it is Out of the question.
 We are all well at present and hoping through the Blessing of allMighty God thses few lines will find you all well Robert and hisFamily is all well and Stanley and Jane Lives Close to me and is allwell Rebecca David and Andrew is well and sends their Best Complementsto you and yours So no more At present But Remains your affectionateMother till Death Separartes us.
  Mary McCuistion
  To Thomas and McCuistion Maryan
  This letter was found in an old bible in Texas in 1985, it had beenwriten over one hundred fifty-one year ago.
  it is believed James served in the War of 1812. His brother, Thomas,probably the Captain Thomas McCuistion who led a company pf volunteerswith General Andrew Jackson in the march of New Orleans.
  Andrew received the grant for land, it joined with James McCuistionsland.
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