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1. Title:   e-mail to Gloria McCuistion
Publication:   Harbinger, North Carolina, [email protected] 22 April 1998
2. Title:   Descendants of John MecCustin GEDCOM received by Douglas McCuistion
Publication:   1 April 1998

a. Note:   graciously provided by Thomas's descendant, Denise Wood.
  Thomas joined the church Presbyterian Church near Haw River. Thechurch members for some reason were unable to make the chuirch growand due to dissent a new church grew up called Gum Grove Church. Thischurch was located on what we now call the Jackson Road. The GumGrove Church, like the Haw River Church, didn't last. FriendshipChurch was then established and changed to Methodist denomination.They named this church Friendship because of their determination tomake this church grow. Dissent had been the fall of the two otherchurches and on a friendship basis and love for fellow member causedthe Frienship Church to be established.
  Thomas Flack's land was on Walnut Branch, two miles north of BuffaloPresbyterian Church. After his marriage, he sold this place to JohnChambers and located near Haw River Presbyterian Church (located onRobert Pritchett's place - old grave yard still there). Thomas joinedthis church.
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