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  3. Newell Wayne McCuistion: Birth: 14 FEB 1911 in Miami. Texas. Death: 23 MAY 1966 in Alamogordo, New Mexico

1. Title:   Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Founders and Patriots oftheRepublic of Texas, Book II
Publication:   Austin, Texas: 1984, 2nd Ed.

a. Note:   Texas in 1879 to the Datil Mountains of New Mexico and did not cross arailroad or a telegraph line when he left New Mexico and trailed theherd north to Montana. He had the grazing rights to all the landbetween the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers for a distance of fortymiles.
  Noah had a dry wit but was never heard to laugh aloud. He grew up inTexas under the Carpetbaggers and endured great hardship that wasperhaps partly responsible for his talent in handling any difficulysituation with dispatch and firmly but without leaving hard feelings.A bachelor until age 46, he was affectionately called 'Uncle Noah' byeveryone in Roberts and Hemphill Counties.
  Noah never took pay from any man. He grew to manhood in BosqueCounty, Texas, and suffering from malaria in the Brazos bottoms, hadhis hands trail his herd to Miami in the Texas Panhandle. He boughtland there to which he returned a number of years later, but trailedhis herd on to the Datil Mountains in western New Mexico Territoryuntil the high, dry
 cilmate had restored his health. When outlaws began to seek NewMexico Territory and Noah's neighboring rancher and dear friend,George Smith, was shot from ambush, Noah trailed his cattle across thewestern half of the U.S. to Forsythe, Montana. He went to St. Paul,Minnesota, and leased from the Federal Government all of the landbetween the Big Missouri River and the Yellowstone River for fortymiles in the state of Montana.
  Noah left a younger half-brother, Josh, in charge and returned toMiami, Texas, where he ranched the rest of his life. Near Miami, atCanadian, Noah met and married Elizabeth Christine Jordan.
  Five weeks before his 80th birthday, Noah died during the Dustbowl andgreat Depression on 5 April 1937, at Amarillo, Texas, where he isburied. He owned over 30,000 acres of land.

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