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Marriage: Children:
  1. Fieldan Montgomery McCuiston: Birth: 23 MAR 1875. Death: 7 JUN 1966 in Lubbock, Texas

  2. Carrie McCuistion: Birth: 1877. Death: AUG 1932 in Gilmer, Texas

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2. Title:   State of Texas. Copy of Soldiers Application for a Pension
Publication:   Austin, Texas: 5 September 1929. Application No. 45992
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a. Note:   War in a move to Navarro County, Texas. I found it interesting thatCharlie spelled his name different from that of his father, I couldnot find any reference for this; although, Charlie writes "some peoplespells my name Charlie McCriston, others McChristain and McCuistion,the right way is Charlie McCuiston.
  Charles died from a "fracture of the hip and general debility", in thehome of his son, Fieldan Montgomery McCuiston.
  Charley served for two and one half years in the cavalry, ConfederateArmy during the Civil War. He served under Captain John Massey (ie)with the 11th Texas Regiment, Co. I; and then, with Captain Tom Roane,Gano's Bat., Martins Regiment. Charley was in the Battle of Elk Horn,Arkansas. After the battle the Confederates fell back to Ft. Smith,where in the reorganization made necessary by the heavy losses, thecompanies of Capt. Massie and Capt John Roane were consolidated andCapt Roane placed in command. His unit was disbanded at Wheelock,Robertson County, Texas in the summer (August)of 1865. "All southernarmies having surrendered." Referred to the Battle of Bull Run as theBattle of Cow Walk. He said that they called it a civil war but hefound nothing civil about it.
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