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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ruth McCuistion: Birth: 1754 in Rowan Co., North Carolina. Death: in Guilford County, North Carolina

  2. Jane McCuiston: Birth: 1756.

  3. Moses McCuiston: Birth: 1760 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Death: 1800

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Publication:   11 November 1997

a. Note:   of land in her name on 29 July 1760. This land was actually inheritedfrom Robert when he died. Apparently, Robert McCuiston did notperfect the title to the land; so Lord Granville's land agents wouldnot honor the inheritance by Jane Ruth McCuiston, so she repurchasedthe land. Soonafter, in 1765, Jane remarried to Thomas Blair, and theysold her grant on 4 February 1765 to her half-brother, James Archer.According to the lawsuit, Moses Ruth attempted to help out with thepurchase of the land, and his granddaughters thought the land belongedto them. Jane's daughters, Ruth and Jane filed the law suit againsttheir mother in about 1779, but thne dropped the case, and thenrefiled the case again in early 1800s. The lower court ruled in favorof the daughters. The law suit was under appeal in 1819 when JaneRuth McCuiston Blair died, but the Supreme Court did reverse theruling of the lower court.
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