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  1. Jeanette Adella GREEN: Birth: 19 JAN 1938 in Sydney. Death: 28 MAY 1940 in Sydney

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a. Note:   Jack died of a Cerebella Hemorrhage and suffered from Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease following an inquest held at Nowra.
  Jack was born in Sydney but after a time the family moved to Wyee on the Central Coast. He had a dog named "Yes" and when people asked the name of the dog Dad kept saying Yes and they thought he was being cheeky. He attended Wyee school and the day Jacky Green got his spelling right the school was given the rest of the day off. Obviously he was not an attentive student. When the railway was being constructed through Wyee, the railway employee's would bribe him with three pence to go home a swear at his sister. Apparently he had quite a vocabulary, which was hard for his children to believe because they never heard their father swear. Jack had an air rifle which Max Green his son has, at school there was a girl who kept saying that he could not hit anything with the gun, so he told her to move to the end of the playground and proceeded to shoot her in the arm. Guns remained his passion throughout his life. He was a founding member of Long Bay Rifle Range, where he would take his children on a Saturday afternoon to shoot targets. Max found this a bit daunting because of the recoil of the 303's and would come home bruised and sore.
  For good or bad it was the one thing Jack father really taught Max how to do well apart from the obvious principals of life. Jack and Beryl never argued within hearing of their children but they knew when their parents were not talking because Beryl would go out and hose the garden, something she did only at those times or they would jump in the car and go for a drive.
  Jack was a big gentle giant. He spoke very quietly and was a generous and compassionate man. When he was not out earning a living to support his family he was at home making toys and flower stands to sell to bring in a bit of extra money.
  To the best of his sons Max's knowledge Jack worked as a Delivery boy for a chemist until he got job on the Government Buses at the age of nineteen where he remained until he retired aged 60. Not being one to sit back and relax he worked for Glendale Chemicals until he died aged 66.
  This poem was written by his eldest daughter Beverley on the death of her father.
  A very special tribute
 We pay to Dad each day
 For the love and joy and comfort
 He always brought our way.
 For his patient understanding
 Through all the passing years
 For his sunny happy smile
 That stilled our very tear
 His kind and helping hand
 When we needed someone strong
 His words of praise and cheer
 That brought our hearts a song
 Dad deserves our gratitude
 Every single day
 For all the many things he did for us
 To brighten up our way
 He left us so suddenly
 We only hope he new
 How very much we loved him
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