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Marriage: Children:
  1. Olive Gertrude UNZICKER: Birth: 25 Feb 1887 in Emporia, Lyon, Kansas.

  2. Clara May Unzicker: Birth: 7 Dec 1889 in Emporia, Lyon, Kansas. Death: 8 Feb 1920 in Westlake, Idaho

  3. Charles B. UNZICKER: Birth: 2 Feb 1891 in Emporia, Lyon, Kansas. Death: 23 Jan 1893 in Emporia, Kansas

  4. John Thomas UNZICKER: Birth: 20 Oct 1893 in Emporia, Lyon, Kansas. Death: 29 Mar 1966 in Emporia, Lyon, Kansas

  5. Roy Herbet UNZICKER: Birth: 31 Oct 1896 in , Nez Perce, Idaho. Death: Jun 1960 in McCall, Idaho

  6. Bertha Fayette UNZICKER: Birth: 10 Feb 1899 in West Lake, Nez Perce, Idaho. Death: 19 Dec 1974 in Lewiston, Nez Perce, Idaho

  7. Mary Rebecka UNZICKER: Birth: 11 Mar 1902 in Westlake, Nez Perce, Idaho. Death: 18 Nov 1902 in Westlake, Idaho

  8. Esther Helen UNZICKER: Birth: 5 Dec 1903 in Westlake, Nez Perce, Idaho. Death: 1966 in California

  9. Ernest Lee UNZICKER: Birth: 20 Mar 1910 in Westlake, Nez Perce, Idaho. Death: 2 Jun 1987 in Ventura, California

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a. Note:   Possible born in Hickory county, Missouri Homesteaded a ranch on the Salmon River near Grangeville, Idaho.
  !Federal census: 1880 Mound Township, McPherson, Kansas. (A-58)
  !"History of North Idaho", pg. 200, published by Western Historical Publishing
 Company. (A-57)
  !Journal entry of Clara Unzicker Standage, his sister. (A-60)
  !Birth county obtained from Fred Krauss family records.
  !Death date and place: Fred Krauss. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.