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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lydia (Lidia) UNZICKER: Birth: 24 Jun 1857 in ,Hickory,Missouri. Death: 15 Dec 1918

  2. Gideon UNZICKER: Birth: 13 Jan 1859 in ,Hickory,Missouri. Death: 13 Apr 1920 in Joseph,,Idaho

  3. Isaac UNZICKER: Birth: 14 Dec 1860 in ,Hickory,Missouri. Death: 27 Mar 1874 in Poss. Henry Co., Iowa

  4. Magdelena UNZICKER: Birth: 23 Mar 1862 in ,Henry, Iowa. Death: 23 Mar 1874 in Poss. Henry Co., Iowa

  5. William UNZICKER: Birth: 24 Jun 1864 in Henry Co., Iowa. Death: in poss. Kansas

  6. Joseph UNZICKER: Birth: 14 Jun 1866 in ,Henry, Iowa. Death: 10 Sep 1866

  7. Lavina C. UNZICKER: Birth: 20 Sep 1867 in ,Henry, Iowa. Death: 15 Dec 1918

  8. Samuel UNZICKER: Birth: 17 Sep 1869 in ,Henry, Iowa. Death: 20 Jan 1947 in Colfax, Whitman, Washington

  9. Barbara E. UNZICKER: Birth: 3 Oct 1871 in , Henry, Iowa. Death: 1934

  10. Emma UNZICKER: Birth: 22 Apr 1873 in ,Henry, Iowa. Death: 1933

  11. Mary Ella UNZICKER: Birth: 30 Jul 1875 in ,Henry, Iowa. Death: 29 Dec 1937

  12. Charles B. UNZICKER: Birth: 2 Feb 1878 in , , Kansas. Death: ABT 1955 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington

  13. Clara UNZICKER: Birth: 30 Dec 1880 in Emporia, Lyon, Kansas. Death: 25 Nov 1951 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington

a. Note:   Possible died in Westlake, Idaho !"History of North Idaho", pg. 199, published by Western Historical Publishing
 Co. (A-57)
  !Federal census: 1880 Mound Township, McPherson, Kansas (A-58)
  !Idaho Land Records--Book 16, pg. 401. (A-59)
  !Journal entry of Clara Unzicker Standage, his daughter. (A-60)
  From History of North Idaho:
 JOHN S. UNZICKER. This thrifty and well-to-do farmer is one of the venerable men who has settled in the reservation country. His estate of one-quarter section lies two and one-half miles north from Westlake and is well improved and provided with good, large residence and splendid outbuildings.
 John S. Unzicker was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, on May 21, 1829, being the son of John and Barbara (Unzicker) Unzicker. The father was born in Germany, came to the United States in 1829 and died the same year. The mother was born in Germany in 1808. Oour subject was reared by his grandmother and commenced the battle of life for himself when he was ten years old. He was taken to Ohio when four and there educated. He learned the cooper trade but when he was nineteen he went to Lee county, Iowa, and farmed there and in Illinois. When twenty-seven Mr. Unzicker went to Hickory county, Missouri, broke the wild sod and settled to farming. At the breaking out of the war he returned to Davis county, Iowa, then to Lee county, and finally went to Clark county, Missouri, was also in Cass county, He was in McPherson county and then in Linn, and in 1886 he came to Whitman county, Washington. At the date of the opening of the reservation he came hither and settled on his present place. This was in the fall of 1895 and since then he has labored faithfully in farming and raising stock.
 In Henry county, Iowa, on September 21, 1856, Mr. Unzicker married Miss Mary, daughter of John F. and Magedelene (King) Miller. The father was a miller and farmer, born in Germany in 1801, came to the United States when a young man on a contract to work out his passage money after he got here, which he did. He died in 1871. The mother was also born in Germany. Mrs. Unzicker was born in Ohio, in 1830, and has the following brothers and sisters, Gideon, John, Isaac, Samuel, Joseph, Charles, Lydia, Sarah, Barbara. Mr. Unzicker was an only child. The following named children has been born to Mr. and Mrs. Unzicker, Lydia, Gideon, William, Lavina, Samuel, Barbara, Emma, Ella, Charles, Clara. Our subject and his wife are members of the Mennonite church. Mr. Unzicker is a member of the school board, is road overseer and has always been an advocate of good schools and progression generally.
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