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Marriage: Children:
  1. Louise Jane "Lula" STANDAGE: Birth: 25 Aug 1860 in Webster County, Missouri. Death: 2 Mar 1943 in Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma

  2. William Henry "Will" STANDAGE: Birth: Feb 1861 in Webster County, Missouri.

  3. John E. STANDAGE: Birth: 1866 in Illinois. Death: ABT 1894

  4. Mary D. STANDAGE: Birth: 7 Dec 1870 in Missouri. Death: 13 May 1966

  5. Rose E. STANDAGE: Birth: 20 Jan 1873 in Missouri. Death: 3 Jun 1956

  6. Susie Jane STANDAGE: Birth: 23 Sep 1875 in Prestonia,Ozark, Missouri. Death: 23 May 1936 in Clarkridge,Baxter,Arkansas

  7. Charles H. "Charley" STANDAGE: Birth: 1879. Death: 1959 in Baxter County, Arkansas

1. Title:   Susan Thacker Family Records

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