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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alfred /Cochran/: Birth: 14 Dec 1839 in , Harrison, West Virginia. Death: 3 Sep 1892 in , Taylor, West Virginia

  2. Aaron /Cochran/: Birth: 14 May 1844 in Meadland, Taylor, West Virginia. Death: 14 Sep 1904 in Meadland, Taylor, West Virginia

  3. David /Cochran/: Birth: 3 Sep 1846 in Meadland, Taylor, West Virginia. Death: 11 Aug 1910 in Wirt, Itasca, Minnesota

  4. Zadok Morgan /Cochran/: Birth: 5 May 1848 in Meadland, Taylor, West Virginia. Death: 12 Feb 1922 in , Taylor, West Virginia

  5. Levi /Cochran/: Birth: 21 Feb 1852 in Meadland, Taylor, West Virginia. Death: 10 May 1945 in Bigfork, Itasca, Minnesota

  6. James Oregon /Cochran/: Birth: 9 Apr 1854 in Meadland, Taylor, West Virginia. Death: 9 Aug 1937 in Deer River Twp., Itasca, Minnesota

  7. Drusilla /Cochran/: Birth: 17 Apr 1856 in Meadland, Taylor, West Virginia. Death: 13 Apr 1866 in , Taylor, West Virginia

  8. Alcinda /Cochran/: Birth: Nov 1858 in Meadland, Taylor, West Virginia. Death: 13 Feb 1921 in , Taylor, West Virginia

a. Note:   : James B. Cochran to his son, James Charlesworth Cochran, to his son, Clarence Lee Cochran, to his eldest child, Carol Ann Cochran (Mrs. James Maury) of Ohio, the present owner. Photocopied pages of the genealogical section sent to me by her brother, James Lee Cochran of Currie, NC.
!DEATH: He was murdered by Union soldiers on his property in 1861. He was reportedly gathering troops opposing the Union and when they learned of it, they went to his property and killed him. The News-Register, Wheeling, West Virginia, 1978 [copy sent by the late Irene Cochran of Belpre, Ohio], by Joe Hofmann, News-Register Staff Writer, from the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer of 1861 "THE SECESSIONISTS ALARMED - Since the killing of Zach Cochran, on Saturday last, the secessionists who formerly operated with him in Taylor County, are much alarmed and many have voluntarily come forward and taken the oath of allegiance. Some of them are firmly under the impression that their lives depend upon at once purging themselves of all secession notions or sympathies. (Sept. 26, 1861)".
!HISTORY: Taylor County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc., A HISTORY OF TAYLOR COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA (McClain Printing Company, Parson, West Virginia, 1986), p. 181-182. "Dennis Cochran Family ... James Cochran, born in 1749 in Augusta County, Virginia [most sources say Scotland], and probably to William - no mother's name known -- [I've never heard this before and those sources that do give his father's names say he was the son of James, but nothing exists to indicate this is correct] -- was in the 13th Virginia Regiment, having enlisted October, 1776, in Morgantown under the command of Colonel Russell. James was married at Morgantown on July 20, 1777 to Temperance Morgan, daughter of Col. Zackquill [founder of Morgantown, WV] and Nancy (Paxton) Morgan. They settled in that part of Harrison County which is now Taylor and there raised a family in the Meadland-Middleville area. James was an Ensign and applied for a pension in 1818 which was issued the following year. He died November 13, 1830 and was buried in the Middleville Cemetery beside Temperance ... James and Temperance had four children [including] Zackquill, born ca. 1778, married in 1796 Drusilla Morgan, daughter of Morgan Morgan, Zack's cousin [first cousin as Morgan Morgan was the son of David Morgan, the brother of Col. Zackquill Morgan] ... Zackquill and Drusilla had seven children: Catherine, Temperance, Morgan, Susan, James, Aaron, and Zackquill [born on the day his father died, 5 March 1814] ... Young Zack, born March 5, 1814, married Rachel Barker, born October 30, 1819 in Monongalia County, a daughter of David and Hannah (Morgan) Barker, the father being another pioneer [Hannah was a half-sister of Temperance Morgan, being a child by Col. Zackquill's second wife and Temperance being the daughter of the first wife]. [NOTE: I also submitted an article for this publication which appears on pages 182-183].
!FAMILY: Morgan, French, GENEALOGY OF THE COL. MORGAN MORGAN FAMILY (Washington, D.C., 1950). Page 34 shows the family of Zackquill Cochran and Rachel Barker as follows: Alfred, Aaron, Lucinda [Alcinda], Levi, James, Drusilla and Zadok.
!OCCUPATION: Farmer, Sheriff (1859-1861).
!RESIDENCE: Born at Reader, Wetzel, West Virginia the day his father died there of pneumonia; Harrison County, West Virginia until the area where he lived (Meadland-Middleville) became a part of Taylor County. He died in the Meadland-Middleville section of Taylor County in 1861.
!CENSUS: 1820 - Harrison County, Virginia, National Archives, M33, Roll 138, p. 99. He would have been living with his widowed mother in Harrison County, West Virginia and would have been about 6 years old.
!CENSUS: 1830 - Eastern District, Harrison County, Virginia, National Archives M19, Roll 190, p. 302. He would have been living with his widowed mother (who never remarried) in Harrison County, West Virginia and would have been about 16 years old.
!CENSUS: 1840 - Harrison County, Virginia, National Archives M704, Roll 562, p. 22. His mother died in 1839. Although his oldest son, Alfred, was born 14 Dec.1839, Zackquill was a head of household, living alone, when the 1840 census was taken.
!CENSUS: 1850 - 63rd District, Taylor County, Virginia, National Archives M432, Roll 978, p. 151. [The printed 1850 census lists Zackquill as Backwell and his wife as Rebecca]. Backwell [Zackquill] Cochran, age 36, farmer, b. VA. Rebecca [Rachel] Cochran, age 30, b. VA. Alfred Cochran, age 6 [he was 9], b. VA. (Where was Aaron?] David Cochran, age 4, b. VA. Zadok Cochran, age 2, b. VA. David Barker, age 21, b. VA. [Rachel's brother] Zadok Barker, age 23, b. VA. [Rachel's brother]
!CENSUS: 1860 - Pruntytown, Taylor County, VA, National Archives M653, Roll 1381, p. 512. Zakquill Cochran, age 46, Sheriff, b. VA. Rachel Cochran, age 40, b. VA. Alfred Cochran, age 20, Deputy Sheriff, b. VA. Aaron Cochran, age 16, farm laborer, b. VA. David Cochran, age 14, b. VA. Zadok M. Cochran, age 12, b. VA. Levi Cochran, age 8, b. VA. James Cochran, age 6, b. VA. Drusilla Cochran, age 3, b. VA. Alcinda Cochran, age 1, b. VA. [NOTE: Zackquill died in Sept. 1861, so this is the last census where he appears as a member of the household.]
!BIRTH-DEATH: Questionnaire completed for Guy Tetrick by Jessie Cochran, his grand-daughter, during the 1930s.
!DEATH: Minerva Cochran Stark Family Bible, currently in possession of Virginia Shields who lives in Bridgeport, WV (she sent me photocopied pages of the genealogical section in 1985). Minerva was a granddaughter of Zackquill Cochran.
!BIRTH: At the time of his birth, Reader may have been in Ohio County or in Tyler County (probably the former) since Tyler County was created from Ohio County in 1814.
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