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a. Note:   Wanamker Book "Pioneer Resident-Passes in Exeter
  Mrs. Richard Downet was blind until six years of age. Has had splendid sight until her death. Exeter Jan. 20, 1932- The funeral of Florence McTaggart, widow of Richard Downey, was held at the Exeter Cemetery this afternoon. She had reached a ripe old age of 87. The deceased woman was born blind. Her parents of Scotch descent were UE Loyalists, and came to Canada from New York State, settling in Prince Edward County at a point near Belleville, finally moving into Huron County, settling in Tuckersmith Township. These UE Loyalists were of court, Tories, but after coming to Canada, the injustice of the rule of the Family Compact Counsel, Mrs. Downey's father to cling to the Honourable George Brown's Reformers, Mrs. Downet was an ardent Liberal, of which she was proud.
  When little Florence reached the age of six years one day her sight sudeenly came to her when she exclaimed to a sister "what large feet you have". The sister excited ran to her mother exclaiming "Florence can see". Wehn asked if she could see, one of the family ran to the back end of the farm to break the news to the father, who immediately left his work and ran the the house to see the miracle that had been enacted. From that time forward, all thought her long life she enjoyed the sight which served her to the end without the use of glasses and she was a great reader. After the death of her parents, she came to North Ward here and lived for many years.
  About 25 years ago, she married to Mr. Downey, and lived at his home on Aux Sable Hill. He died seven years ago. She was a staunch Presbyterian and a jolly disposition. The family includes- James, Saskatoon; John Whimpey, Mrs. Argue and William of Manitoba- nieces and nephews deceased. Mrs. John glenn, Chiselhurst, Dr. McTaggart-Hensall, Ernest McTaggart and Edward McTaggart, in the west. Miss. Nettie & W.O. McTaggart- Toronto, Frank McTaggart, Mrs T. Eyre, Huntington, Mrs. Merrill of London and Clinton."
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