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a. Note:   FAMILY: Versel and Charlotte had one son, Versel Jr, which of course is me. I was born on 2 Octber 1919 in the farm home at Crystal.
  They rented the 50 acres which the house was on from Seymour Case, my Grand-
  father. Shortly after they were married they purchased the 50 acres just
  to the south. Then later they purchased the 50 acres from Grnadpa. In
  the fall or winter of 1923 they moved to Ann Arbor. Dad work on various
  construction work. We lived in quarters at the Delta Fata Phi, a legal
  fraturnity, where Mother was the cook. That was where they meet Gus Lanquis.
  He waited on tables there while attending U/M architectual school. One
  of the jobs that I remember Dad talking about was the U/M stadium. He was
  in charge of all the blasting on the big 'whole'. He had learned to use
  dydamite when they cleard the 'sugar' wood trees from the back of the farm.
  He also talked about working for Ford Motor as a security watchman. As a
  kid I remember him talking about conversing with Henry Ford at times and
  what an old shoe he was. Some of the summers we would come back to Crystal
  rented a cottage on the lake. Then after the 'crash' they moved back to
  the farm. They lost the farm then but rented it from Fred Kimball who
  had held the mortgage on it. Dad started to raise hogs about the time I
  started to highschool which was in 1934. I remember this because he told
  me that if I did not play any ball at school and got right home and helped
  him on the farm that he would do everything that he could to see that I
  went to Michigan to college. Having started school there I had always dreamed
  of going back and I know that is what both of my parents wanted.
  In about 1940 they purchased the sixty acres just south of the 100 acres
  from Noffsingers and then sold the west 80 to Alden Eldrige leaving the
  present 80 acres in their ownership. Dad continued to farm that until
  about 1955 or 56 when his health got so bad that he couldn't do it anymore.
  Harry Johnston started to farm it and did until this last year in 1988.
  !BIRTH: Versel Clare Case was born 25 Jan 1894 in Crystal Township, Montcalm
 County, MI. DEATH SCERTIFICATE , MI DEPT OF HEALTH Local file no: 83-58-34-La.
 He was born in the family home ; ; ; ; ;
  !DEATH: He died in the Sparrow Hospital East U:nit in Lansing, MI on 17 Mar
 1958. Certificate of Death, MI Dept of Health Local File No: 83-58-34-La; ; ; ;
  !BURIAL: Crystal Cemetery, Montcalm Co, MI 21 Mar 1958 Certificate of Death MI
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