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  1. Anduin Count Of Angouleme: Death: 17 Mar 915/16

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a. Note:   Wulgrin I, Count de Perigord; Wulgrin I was Mayor of the Palac e of King
 Charles Le Chauve (Andre Roux: Scrolls, 87, 156.) (Stuart, Royal
 ty for
 Commoners, Page 234, Line 329-38). AKA: Wulgrin I, Count d'Angou
 AKA: Wulgrin I, Count d'Agen. Born: before 834, son of Roricon d'Anjou, Wulgrin I is presumed to have been at least 10 years o f age
 when he married Roselinde. Married circa 844: Roselinde, Countes
 s de
 Toulouse, daughter of Bernard I, Count de Toulouse and Duodene=L
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