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Marriage: Children:
  1. Albert G. Stewart: Birth: 22 DEC 1825 in Pennsylvania. Death: 24 FEB 1883

  2. Isabelle Stewart: Birth: 1829. Death: 22 JAN 1852

  3. John Stewart: Death: 23 MAY 1852

Marriage: Children:
  1. William J. Stewart: Birth: 1840. Death: 03 FEB 1925 in Monongalia Co., VA

  2. Margaret Stewart: Birth: 14 FEB 1844 in Union Dist., Monongalia Co., WV. Death: 1925 in Stewartstown, Union Dist., Monongalia Co., WV

1. Title:   Kristi Kennison (descendant of Fredellas)
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2. Title:   West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853-1973
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3. Title:   West Virginia Death Record of Fedellas Stewart
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a. Note:   Source: Records of Gordon C. BakerFedellas Stewart's name has been found spelled in many different ways including, Fidelius, Dilley, Filitti, & Phidelus. He may have had a nickname like Dill or Dell. Of the 5 children born to Fedellas and Mary Sadler only Albert and Nancy were still living when Fedellas wrote his will on March 5, 1870.His will was probated on November 30, 1872 (Monongalia Co., WV, Will Book 3, page 3) In his will he leaves his son, Albert 50 acres, son William (by second marriage) 42 acres and daughter Margaret (by second marriage) 37 acres. He also gives $33.00 to each of the five children of his deceased daughter, Mary Ann and $75.00 to his daughter, Nancy. This money was to be paid equally by Albert, William & Margaret. Fedellas also gave Albert the right to use coal from William's land for his personal use but cannot sell it. When Fedellas married he lived in Springhill Township, Fayette Co., PA. He moved to Buffalo Pound Hollow near Stewartown, WV between 1840 & 1844. Source: The Stewart Family of Monongalia County, West Virginia by Gordon C. BakerIt is interesting to note here that the marriage of Fedellas Stewart and Elizabeth Davis Blosser eventually connected together the two great Stewart Families of Stewartstown. Elizabeth Davis Blosser, by her first marriage to George Blosser, had a daughter, Rebecca Blosser, who married Daniel Stewart of Dunkard Township, Greene County, PA. They settled in Stewartstown. Rebecca and Daniel Stewart had 18 children. Fedellas and Elizabeth Stewart had two children. The following is information on Fedellas from the Federal Census Records: 1820 - Springhill Township, Fayette Co., PA Stewart, Dilley 1 male - 16 to 26 1 female - 16 to 26 In 1820 he was living between Christian Cagey and John Blosser, SR. This would put him along the Monongahela River just north of the mouth of the Cheat River. This would be about where Sprucetown is now located. 1830 - Springhill Township, Fayette Co., PA Stewart, Filitti 2 males under 5 1 male - 30 to 40 1 female - 5 to 10 1 female - 20 to 30 Appears to be living in approximately the same location as 1820 between John Blosser and Jacob Clemmer. George Blosser was only five households away. This would show that Fedellas Stewart and the Blossers were well acquainted. 1840 - Springhill Township, Fayette Co., PA Stewart, F 2 males - 5 to 10 2 males - 10 to 15 1 male - 40 to 50 1 female - 5 to 10 2 females - 10 to 15 1 female - 15 to 20 1 female - 30 to 40 Fedellas and his family were living between Margaret Cage (Cagey?) & James C. Ramsey. This could be the same location along the Monongahela River. 1850 - Eastern District, Monongalia Co., VA (WV) Stewart, Ferdilius 59 Farmer, VA Elizabeth 35 VA John 22 Farmer, VA William 10 VA Margaret 8 VA Nimon, John 32 Timber Business, Germany Maria 22 PA Catherine 5/12 VA John Nimon (Nieman) was married to Mariah, daughter of Elizabeth, by her first husband, George O. Blosser. Fedellas was living between John Joard, William Stewart, Lemual John and Joshua Stewart. This would be in what is known as Buffalo Pound Hollow. This hollow ran from the road between Point Marion and Morgantown (now Route 119) down to the Monongahela River. From family stories the old Stewart home was a log house about half way down the hollow to the Monongahela River. 1860 - Stewartstown, Monongalia Co., VA (WV) Stewart Fidelius 62, VA Farmer Elizabeth 53 VA William 19 VA Margaret 16 VA Still living in Buffalo Pound Hollow 1870 - Union District, Monongalia Co., WV Stewart, Phidelus 77 WV Farmer William 29 PA Farmer Mary J. 31 WV Keep House William F 8 WV Daniel 3 WV Sarah S. 1 WV Fedellas was a widower with his son, William and his family living in the household with him. His son, albert, lived next door. They were still in Buffalo Pound Hollow. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.