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Marriage: Children:
  1. Cornelis Palfenier: Birth: 16 Aug 1805 in Amsterdam Netherlands.

  2. Jan Palfenier: Birth: 5 Oct 1806 in Naarden Netherlands. Death: 5 Oct 1849 in Assen Netherlands

Marriage: Children:
  1. Andries Palfenier: Birth: 25 Feb 1811 in Amsterdam Netherlands. Death: 6 Apr 1846 in Amsterdam Nederrland

  2. Cornelis Palfenier: Birth: 30 Mar 1813 in Amsterdam Netherlands. Death: 5 Oct 1859 in Amsterdam Netherlands

  3. Dirk Jacobus Palfenier: Birth: 22 Mar 1817 in Amsterdam Netherlands. Death: 27 Jan 1881 in Amsterdam Netherlands

a. Note:   Death 5am Trade: Koperslager (Copper Smyth) Gedoopt in NZ Kapel Wees Ouders 64 Years old Address Goudsbloemstraat 1917? St Anna Dwarsstraat 9 D/Cirbekus Wut/Andries Palfenier 33 Years & Mr Theorora Melchers 42 Years and W/C Palfenier Family Claims we were Huguenots: 1560-1629 Reformation 1520-1523 Margaret of Navarre Queen of Navarre & Brother Francis L (GGV) King of France Henry II (GV) LST National Synold (1559) Rivalry Between House of Valois (See Valois House of and House of Guise (GR) Catherine De Medicis (GV) widow of Henry II Governed in name of son King Charles IX (GV) fled to German, Netherlands and Switzerland, English Colonies, Massachusetss,New York,South Carolina, Civil War 1562-1598 Hugnuenot Leader Louise/de Bourden Prince de Conde & French Admiral Gaspard de Coligay, the Henry of Navarre Late Henry IV King of France. Catholic leaders were Henri I de Lorrine, 2rd Duc De Guise, Catherine de Medicis & Henry III King of France.Broken Treaty 1572, Catherin & Charle IX, St batholomews day massace 24 Aug 1572. Civil War Henry II Successor to Charles IX 1587 Assassination of Durde Guise 1598 & Henry II 589. Bourdon Henry IV edict of Nates 1598 French Statesman & Cardinal Due de Richelieu 1628 siege of La Rochell, Louise XIV 18 Oct 1685 Revoke edit of Nautes, fled to Cevennes mountain region of France know as Carmisards (1702-05 War) Louie XV issued edict 1752 recalled Louis XVI 1787. shows a Cornelis Palfenier b 05 Oct 1806 baptism 12 Oct 1806, wife Eva Van Donk. Father Cornelis Palfenier also Anderies Palfenier b 25 Feb 1811 baptism 10 Mar 1811 Wife Janntje Bruijn Father Cornelis Palfenier, then it shows a Cornelia Bruijn b.22 Aug 1810 baptism 26 Aug 1810 Wife Engeltje van Schaik father Andries Bruijn with getuigen (Witnesses Cornelis Palfenier and Jannetje Bruijn). Religie on all is Hervormd,Oude Kerk.
Cornelis Palfenier was a orphan, found in front of a Livery Stable, given the name Palfrenier,(The Dutch name of Livery) The orphanage baptisted him. Date of birth unknow, as is parents.
Index Baptism file 0540214 (Copy on File)Mul-Schokkel,Amsterdam,Holland No 72 FO 06 Kerk N.Z.KAPEL Cornelis Palfenier dropped the r after the f by the time he got married. He was married two time.[pal3.ged]
Cornelis Palfrenier Doopaanvraag Regenten Aalmoezeniersweeshuis dd. 8 maart 1780. Getekend: J. van Alphen pastor Johannes Jacobus Kessler doop 12 maart 1780 religie Hervormd, Nieuwezijdskapel bron 72 p. 21 (folio 11) nr. 6 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.