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Marriage: Children:
  1. Claude Theriault: Birth: 1678 in Port Royal, Acadie. Death: 8 May 1730 in Riviere Aux Canard, Acadie

  2. Marie Theriault: Birth: 1688 in Acadie.

  3. Jean Theriault: Birth: 1690 in Acadie. Death: 1 Dec 1751 in Acadie

  4. Jacques Theriault: Birth: 1691 in Beaubassin, Acadie.

  5. Joseph Theriault: Birth: 1695 in Grand Pre, Acadie.

  6. Anne Theriault: Birth: 1705 in Acadie.

  7. Marguerite Theriault: Birth: 1709 in Grand Pre, Acadie.

  8. Madeleine Terriot: Birth: 1710.

  9. Germain Jr Theriault: Birth: 1713. Death: 29 Jul 1737

a. Note:   e-aux-Canards, at Grand-Pre, Acadie.
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