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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ignace Jeanne: Birth: 28 Oct 1656 in Sillery, Quebec.

  2. Joseph Jeanne: Birth: 1659 in Sillery, Quebec. Death: 9 Dec 1714 in Pointe Aux Trembles, Quebec

  3. Bertrand Jean: Birth: 1661 in Province de Quebec.

  4. Nicholas Jean: Birth: 16 Aug 1667 in Sillery, Quebec.

  5. Etienne Jean: Birth: 28 Oct 1669 in Sillery, Quebec. Death: BEF 1681

  6. Louis Jean: Birth: 21 Nov 1675 in Sillery, Quebec. Death: 28 Nov 1747

  7. Francoise Monique Jean: Birth: 1677 in Sillery, Quebec. Death: 18 Feb 1758 in Les Cedres, Quebec

  8. Ignace Jean: Birth: 15 Mar 1679. Death: BEF 1681

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a. Note:   ly, évêché Holy, in Saintonge, today in Charente-Maritime. Denis Jean, known as Denis, was born about 1636, rather than 1646, as the census of 1681 lets us believe. If not he would have been only 9 years old, at the time of his marriage, in 1655. Therefore, August 30, 1655, in Sillery, he marries Marie Pelletier, born in 1637, widow of Nicolas Goupil and, girl of the ancestor Nicolas Pelletier and Jeanne Vouzy. Twelve children are born from this union, first of all in Sillery, then with the Cape-Red, whose three sons melt in their turn of the families. That which concerns us in this genealogy, it is Joseph Jean, known as Denis, born about 1658. This last marries on November 13, 1696, in Neuville, Marie-Renee Garnier, girl of Jean Garnier and Madeleine Guay. New children of the couple, their daughter, Marie-Gabrielle Jean-Denis, born and baptized on September 15, 1706, in Neuville, weaves us the bond of descent. She marries in 1735, Pierre-Joseph Loriot, born in March 1705, wire of Joseph Loriot and Roignon Marijuana. The ancestor, Denis Jean, known as Denis, die before the census of 1681, with Cape-Red. Its widow, Marie Pelletier who is at the St-François-Xavier coast, Ste-Foy, the census of 1681, dies after donation on March 3, 1711, in Dubreuil. With the wire of the centuries, certain first names became patronyms. It is the case of Jean, who is of biblical origin, and whose Latinized form is Johannes. In France only, Jean is at the origin of more than one hundred of patronyms, derived and diminutives which want to be affectionate: Jeannet, Jeannot, Jeannet, etc.
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