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Magdeline Babault: Birth: 1588. Death: 1638
Agnes Marie Babeau: Birth: 31 May 1718 in Laprairie, Montreal, Quebec.
Andre III Babeau: Birth: 28 Oct 1728.
Andre Jr Babeau: Birth: 4 Jul 1695 in Laprairie, Quebec.
Andre Babeau: Birth: ABT 1660 in Saintonge, France. Death: 1 Nov 1722 in LaPrairie, Quebec
Angelique Marie Babeau: Birth: 22 Feb 1697 in Laprairie, Quebec.
Angelique Babeau: Birth: ABT 1748 in Province of Quebec. Death: ABT 1828 in Laprairie, Montreal, Quebec
Anne Amable Babeau: Birth: 13 Oct 1708 in Province of Quebec.
Anne Amable Babeau: Birth: 9 Jun 1734.
Anne Babeau: Birth: 12 Oct 1700 in Laprairie, Quebec.
Anne Babeau: Birth: 26 Jul 1723.
Catherine Babeau: Birth: 9 May 1748 in Laprairie, Quebec. Death: 1 Dec 1790
Catherine Babeau: Birth: 22 Feb 1702 in LaPrairie, Montreal, Quebec.
Etienne Babeau: Birth: 9 May 1716 in Laprairie, Montreal, Quebec.
Francois Xavier Babeau: Birth: 25 Nov 1710 in Laprairie, Montreal, Quebec. Death: 29 Aug 1758 in St Philippe, Laprairie, Quebec
Jacques Babeau: Birth: 27 Nov 1720 in Laprairie, Montreal, Quebec.
Jacques Babeau: Birth: 5 Jun 1722 in Laprairie, Montreal, Quebec.
Jean Baptiste Babeau: Birth: 13 Jan 1703 in LaPrairie, Montreal, Quebec.
Joseph Babeau: Birth: 6 Mar 1707 in LaPrairie, Montreal, Quebec.
Josephe Babeau: Birth: 12 Jul 1699 in Laprairie, Quebec. Death: 2 May 1730
Louis Babeau: Birth: 1 May 1713 in LaPrairie, Quebec. Death: 30 Jun 1786 in St Philippe, LaPrairie, Quebec
Madeleine Marie Babeau: Birth: 15 Mar 1711 in LaPrairie, LaPrairie, Quebec.
Marguerite Babeau: Birth: 5 Apr 1704 in LaPrairie, Montreal, Quebec.
Marie Babeau: Birth: 1685 in Laprairie, Quebec. Death: 2 May 1730
Pierre Babeau: Birth: 22 May 1705 in Laprairie, Montreal, Quebec.
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Anne Amable Marie Babeu: Birth: 27 Feb 1758. Death: AFT 1809
Jacques Jr Babie: Birth: 1673. Death: Jun 1724 in Trois Rivieres, Maskinonge, Quebec
Jacques Babie: Birth: 1633. Death: 28 Jul 1688 in Champlain, Champlain, Quebec
Jeanne Marie Elizabeth Babie: Birth: 18 Mar 1711 in St Francois du Lac, Yamaska, Quebec.
Jeanne Babie: Birth: 1675. Death: Jan 1703
Madeleine Marie Babie: Birth: 17 Nov 1683 in Champlain, Quebec.
Marguerite Marie Babie: Birth: 9 Dec 1708 in St Francois du Lac, Yamaska, Quebec.
Pierre Babie: Birth: 1677 in Province de Quebec. Death: May 1748
Veronique Babie: Birth: 6 Sep 1716 in Trois Rivieres, Maskinonge, Quebec. Death: Jan 1763
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Antoinette Babillotte: Birth: 1620 in Paris, France.
Amable Babin: Birth: 1778.
Ambroise Babin: Birth: 3 Jun 1731 in Grand Pre, Nouvelle Ecosse, Canada. Death: 4 Feb 1797
Anastasie Babin: Birth: 1799.
Andre Babin: Birth: 1637 in Poitou, France.
Angelique Babin: Birth: 1733.
Angelique Babin: Birth: 1769 in Province de Quebec.
Anne Barbe Babin: Birth: 1747 in Pisiquit, Acadie, Canada.
Anne Francoise Babin: Birth: 11 Sep 1733 in Province de Quebec. Death: 1821
Anne Genevieve Babin: Birth: 1750.
Anne Marguerite Babin: Birth: 1739 in Acadia. Death: Ascension Parish, Louisiana
Anne Marie Babin: Birth: 1 Dec 1760 in Boucherville, Quebec.
Anne Marie Babin: Birth: 4 Apr 1746 in St Charles des Mines. Death: 12 Jan 1748
Anne Rosalie Babin: Birth: 1767.
Anne Rosalie Babin: Birth: 10 Jan 1767. Death: 28 Nov 1827
Anne Babin: Birth: 22 Apr 1770 in Franklin Manor. Death: 17 Sep 1864
Anne Babin: Birth: 1700 in Pisiguit, Acadie.
Anne Babin: Birth: 1674.
Anne Babin: Birth: 20 Feb 1700 in Quebec City, Canada, Canada. Death: 10 Jul 1742 in Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec, Canada
Anne Babin: Birth: 1688 in St Charles des Mines.
Anne Babin: Birth: 1804. Death: 29 May 1870
Antoine Jr Babin: Birth: 1676.
Antoine Babin: Birth: 1625 in LaChaussee, Loudon, Vienne, France. Death: 1686 in Port Royal, Acadie
Antoine Babin: Birth: 1718 in Pisiquit, Acadie, Canada.
Apolline Babin: Birth: 1798.
Arsene Marie Babin: Birth: 12 Oct 1849. Death: 25 Jun 1934
Augustin Amable Babin: Birth: 10 Aug 1762 in Cap St Ignace.
Basile Babin: Birth: 18 Mar 1730 in St Gabriel Parish, Louisianna.
Brigitte Babin: Birth: 1750 in Pisiquit, Acadie, Canada.
Catherine Marie Babin: Birth: 6 Dec 1725 in Boucherville, Quebec.
Catherine Babin: Birth: 1672 in Port Royal, Acadia.
Cecile Babin: Birth: 28 Mar 1742 in Boucherville, Quebec.
Cecile Babin: Birth: 1708 in Pisiquit, Acadie, Canada.
Celeste Babin: Birth: 1793.
Charles Andre Babin: Birth: 30 Nov 1760 in St Ignace.
Charles Marie Babin: Birth: 1664 in Port Royal, Acadie. Death: in St Charles, Mines, Acadie
Charles Babin: Birth: 27 Feb 1708 in Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec.
Charles Babin: Birth: 1748.
Charlotte Babin: Birth: 18 Aug 1763 in Boucherville, Quebec.
Claire Marie Babin: Birth: 1706 in Pisiquit, Acadie, Canada.
Claude Jr Babin: Birth: 6 Jan 1720.
Claude Marie Babin: Birth: 1758.
Claude Babin: Birth: 1698 in St Charles des Mines. Death: 26 May 1748
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