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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alida Rose Desaire: Birth: 23 Apr 1906 in Damar, Rooks Co, Kansas. Death: 4 Feb 1978

  2. George Joseph Desaire: Birth: 14 Sep 1908 in Damar, Kansas. Death: 27 Nov 1954 in Hays, Ellis Co, Kansas

  3. Phillip Exavier Desaire: Birth: 12 Jun 1911 in Damar, Kansas. Death: 25 Sep 1956 in Denver, Colorado

  4. Rosa Marceline Desaire: Birth: 11 Mar 1914 in Damar, Rooks Co., Kansas. Death: 16 Feb 1989 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas

  5. Irene Celine Desaire: Birth: 14 Sep 1916 in Damar, Rooks Co, Kansas. Death: 13 Mar 1975 in Denver, Colorado

  6. Joseph Eddie Desaire: Birth: 24 Dec 1918 in Damar, Rooks Co. Kansas. Death: 19 Sep 1971 in Damar, Kansas

  7. Leo Lewis Desaire: Birth: 17 Mar 1921 in Damar, Kansas. Death: 30 Sep 1999 in Salina, Kansas

  8. Elmer Maxim Desaire: Birth: 7 Jul 1923 in Damar, Kansas. Death: 17 Oct 1954 in Bogue, Kansas

  9. Alfred Desaire: Birth: 6 Jun 1925 in Damar, Rooks Co, Kansas. Death: 1 Jan 1988 in Aurora, Colorado

  10. Xavier Ambrose Desaire: Birth: 13 Dec 1927 in Damar, Rooks Co. Kansas. Death: 28 Jun 2007 in Hays, Kansas

a. Note:   Our Saint in Heaven This story must not go untold. Blanche Desaire was a very devout Catholic. She attended daily mass at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Damar, Kansas, and prayed her rosary daily. She was devoted to her patron saint - St. Anne. Blanche belonged to the St. Anne's women society that washed and ironed alter cloths and priest's vestments, cleaned and waxed the floors and pews in the beautiful St. Joseph's Catholic Church, and cooked meals for parish family weddings and funerals.
On July 13, 1966, Blanche got up early on the feast day of St. Anne. She did not feel well but she would not miss mass on the special feast day of St. Anne. She walked the city block to the magnificent St. Joseph limestone church and knelt in her hard oak pew on the south side of the church. She had prayed in that same oaken pew for sixty years since the day she married Maxim. The parishioners hardly noticed the sick old woman as she knelt and prayed from her frayed prayer book and recited Hail Marys on her smooth black beaded rosary. She answered the prayers of the priest in Latin and sang the songs of the service. Finally communion time came and she rose from her pew and seemed to scurry as she shuffled to the communion rail to receive her last holy communion. She took her Blessed Lord under the presence of bread and wine and returned to her pew. She suffered silently, as always, in her final moments in the cold, dark, silent church. Then a slight noise was heard -- Blanche Desaire slumped in her pew and slowly slid down onto the cold, hard marble floor of the deathly quiet church. She died silently, unnoticed, with a "happy heart" with her Blessed Lord still on her lips. If there ever was a saint in God's heaven, it has to be Blanche Desaire, my grandmother. God rest her beautiful soul. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.