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Marriage: Children:
  1. Louis Pierre Hus Paul: Birth: 1670 in Province of Quebec. Death: 2 Apr 1733 in Sorel, Province of Quebec

  2. Jean Baptiste Antoine Hus Paul: Birth: 18 Mar 1672 in Sorel, Quebec.

  3. Marc Antoine Hus Millet: Birth: 11 Oct 1673 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada. Death: 11 Apr 1756 in Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec

  4. Jean Hus: Birth: 19 Jan 1677 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada. Death: 15 Nov 1732 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada

  5. Pierre Hus Cournoyer: Birth: 22 Jan 1678 in Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec. Death: 28 Nov 1751 in St Pierre de Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec

  6. Jeanne Catherine Hus: Birth: 16 May 1680 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada. Death: 2 Jan 1744 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada

  7. Paul Jr Hus Paul: Birth: 22 Dec 1681 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada.

  8. Marie Hus: Birth: 31 Aug 1683 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada.

  9. Leonard Hus Paul: Birth: 13 Apr 1685 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada.

  10. Jean Hus Paul: Birth: 8 May 1687 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada.

  11. Joseph Hus Paul: Birth: 16 Sep 1689 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada.

  12. Genevieve Hus Paul: Birth: 18 May 1691 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada. Death: 21 Apr 1780 in Sorel, Quebec

  13. Etienne Hus Paul: Birth: 29 Jun 1694 in Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec. Death: 2 Jun 1745 in Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec

  14. Catherine Hus Paul: Birth: 23 Nov 1696 in Sorel, Quebec, Canada.

a. Note:   anne Baillargeon, gave shares of their land along the Chenal du Moyne to their children and their spouses. Jean Lavellee and his wife, Jeanne-Catherine Hus, were the lucky recipients of a share of this land. It is now a beautiful park, recreation and conservation area located in Sainte-Anne de Sorel. Thousands of people go camping along the very banks where our family once lived. The area is called "Baie Lavallière"
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