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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mederic Aubuchon: Birth: 7 Aug 1660 in Montreal, Quebec. Death: 18 Sep 1687 in Province of Quebec

  2. Jean III Aubuchon: Birth: 28 Sep 1661. Death: 18 Sep 1687

  3. Joseph Aubuchon: Birth: Mar 1664 in Montreal, Quebec. Death: 17 Jan 1748 in Longue Pointe, Hochelga, Quebec

  4. Jacques Aubuchon: Birth: 18 Jul 1666 in Montreal, Quebec. Death: 18 Nov 1728 in Montreal, Quebec

  5. Gabriel Aubuchon: Birth: 31 Jan 1668 in Montreal, Quebec. Death: 23 Dec 1670 in Montreal, Quebec

  6. Francoise Aubuchon: Birth: 18 Jan 1671 in Trois Rivieres, Montmorency, Quebec. Death: 15 Apr 1746 in Longue Pointe, Hochelga, Quebec

  7. Marguerite Aubuchon: Birth: Mar 1673 in Montreal, Quebec.

  8. Madeleine Aubuchon: Birth: 4 Mar 1674 in Montreal, Quebec. Death: 6 Mar 1674 in Montreal, Quebec

  9. Francoise Aubuchon: Birth: 24 Mar 1676 in Montreal, Quebec. Death: 5 Jun 1746 in Montreal, Quebec

  10. Elisabeth Aubuchon: Birth: 30 Nov 1678 in Montreal, Quebec. Death: 31 Dec 1678 in Montreal, Quebec

  11. Angelique Aubuchon: Birth: 20 Sep 1681 in Quebec City, Quebec. Death: 16 Nov 1702 in Hotel Dieu, Quebec City, Quebec

  12. Madeleine Aubuchon: Birth: 13 Feb 1684 in Montreal, Quebec. Death: 25 Jan 1760 in St Charles st Hyancinthe, Quebec

a. Note:   n she was not yet 12 years of age. The Catholic church did not recognize this first marriage because she was not old enough, so they went back and remarried on April 12, 1655 at Trois Rivieres, Montreal, Quebec.
  He was assasinated in his bed on a business trip. He was a benefactor of parochial church of Montreal. He gave 600 pounds in money for six masses to be said for him forever. The church is still living up to that committment today. He was a lawless man being convicted multiple times of selling "firewater" to the Indains.
Note:   He was a fur trader and a merchant. They were married twice, the first time Sept 19 1654 whe is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.