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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jean Lafond: Birth: May 1646 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Death: 10 May 1716 in Bastican, Quebec, Canada

  2. Francoise Lafond: Birth: 25 Oct 1648 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Death: Oct 1717 in Montreal, Quebec

  3. Genevieve Lafond: Birth: 29 Feb 1652 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.

  4. Pierre Lafond: Birth: 24 Apr 1655 in Trois Rivieres, Isle de Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec. Death: 7 Jan 1721

  5. Francoise Lafond: Birth: 8 Jul 1658 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Death: 2 Oct 1717 in Montreal, Quebec

  6. Jeanne Lafond: Birth: 1662 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

  7. Augustin Lafond: Birth: May 1664 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada.

a. Note:   esticates Ursulines; carpenter; concession of the sub-fief of Lafond (or LaPierre) in the Cape-of-the-Madeleine 10-08-1655,
 Étienne De Lafond He is originating in St-Laurent of the Barrier a very small village in Charente Maritime. He would have been born about 1615. He was the son of Pierre De Lafond and Francoise Prieur. This village is located at a few kilometers of the sea, not far from Surgères, Marennes, Rochefort and La Rochelle. At the beginning of the years 1600, the area of the Small rock occupies a very important place from the point of view economic, social, political and religious. Here what one said of this area... "the soil was not particularly favorable to the human establishment. Along the river, gray compact in summer and muddy clay marshes at the rain season, submerged partly at the time of the spring tides, allowed the breeding, but with the proviso of draining them by a system of channels and ditches; this maintenance was ensured by called semi-skilled workers "bessons". Any negligence or interruption, in particular in the event of disorders, generated fevers. The meadows "fauchis" were reserved for the hay; they were put in défens at the beginning of spring to let push the grass, which was cut to the forgery. The thin strap drawn by the displacement of the reaper was called a "road"; in certain cases, one hoped the "roads" to evaluate the width of pre, just like one counted the furrows for the width of the plowed pieces. The meadows with pasturage were delivered to the animals all the year, except to return the latter in the event of flood. The meadows "gâts" or "agât some" or "in agâtis" were not maintained; they provided the "rouche", kind of carex used for the litter and also for certain roofs. The climate, oceanic, preserved great variations in temperature. The dryness of the summer eliminated the beech apart from bottoms melt, but the varieties of oak grew without difficulty. The young elm resisted well the winds of sea and the ash easily found moisture with low depth. These two last gasolines constituted the reinforcement of the hedges, called "train", which skirted the ditches of separation of the properties. In the channels and the ditches, one could fish eel " Étienne De Lafond thus lived in an area or fishing and the viticultural culture beat its full. It is difficult to explain why, the Lafond ancestor decided to leave to the adventure while embarking towards News-France. The first time qu`on intends to speak about the ancestor to the country, it is in November 1642. It is domestic in the Ursulines. One month front, Jean Nicolet had just drowned opposite Sillery, when he wanted to go to save a algonquin, his boat having capsized. Therefore, at the time of the sale of its goods, Étienne acquires of an old red frieze dress, of a pourpoint, fit and bottom of a value of five books, plus 7 handkerchiefs estimated at three books, ten grounds and six sums of money. Three years later, it returns to us the day of its weddings when it marries Marie Boucher, the girl of Gaspard and Nicole Lemaire. Marie is the sister of Pierre Boucher, the future governor of Three-Rivers and founder of Boucherville. Étienne De Lafond knew the Father Jacques Buteux, the apostle of Attikamèques of Saint-Maurice. This one grants a ground of two arpents face on 40 of depth to the Cape-of-the-Madeleine.... In June 1660, Étienne buys in the borough of Three-Rivers, a site. In 1668, the ancestor acquires in the same borough another site street Our-injury. Moreover, it also had in the seigniory of the Cape-of-the-Madeleine a ground at the place even where the Duplessis bridge spans the river of the Three-Rivers. And the list could be long grounds acquired by Étienne. This pioneer was also lord of a stronghold in the commune of the Lake Saint-Pierre. One can say that are time, Étienne De Lafond will have been a land great landowner. He was also a manufacturer of dwellings and boats. It should not be forgotten that the ancestor was an extremely required carpenter. He is suddenly deceased on September 15, 1665, at the 50 years age. Having been very implied in its mileu, it was buried in the church even. His wife survives to him during 40 years.... Marie Boucher continues the work of her husband. Since 1667, it is implied in commercial activities. It is known that the censuses of 1666, 1667 and 1681 mention that the widow has several credits and two servants remain at it. The couple will have had 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls. Étienne and Marie, of the pioneers who contributed to build the country of Quebec.
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