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  1. Noel Morin: Birth: 1616 in St Etienne Le Compte de Brie, Comte Robert, France. Death: 10 Feb 1680 in St Thomas Quebec, Canada

a. Note:   he name is Belgic Gaul in origin and is derived from the Celtic word "mor" for the sea. It's the same as Latin "mare" and modern French "mer". The name refers to a people who live near the sea.
 The earliest reference to the people called Morin is in Julius Caesar's Conquest di Gauli...circa 60 b.c. They lived in the part of Europe closest to Britain..NW France, SW Belgium. Caesar uses the Latin plural when referring to them "morini'. It took his legions three years to conquer them and their allies before he could even begin to invade Britain, which was his objective.
 Caesar says they came against him with 30,000 warriors, if true, we could estimate the total number of the people at more like 90,000 of them at the time. tlthough he refers to them as a "tribe", it should be pointed out that they lived in cities and villages protected by hill-forts.
 They were civilized enough to have produced their own gold coins, so they were more than just farmers. One early hill-fort city was called "Tremorin," ("tre=city) and the legendary architect of King Arthur's Camelot in some legends was called "Tremorinus."
 Some books say the name Morin is Scottish, or other absurdities. The fact is, there are even today more Morins in northwest France than anywhere else, and more Morins in Quebec, Canada and northern New England than anywhere else in North America.
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