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Marriage: Children:
  1. Anne Miville: Birth: 1629 in France.

  2. Gabriel Miville: Birth: 1630 in France. Death: 1635 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

  3. Marguerite Miville: Birth: 13 Dec 1632 in Notre Dame de Brouage, Rochefort, Saintonge, France. Death: 5 Dec 1702 in Hotel Dieu, Quebec City, Quebec

  4. Francois Miville: Birth: 16 May 1634 in Notre Dame Brouage, Saintes, Saintonge, France. Death: 24 Nov 1711 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec

  5. Aymee Miville: Birth: 12 Aug 1635 in France. Death: 10 Dec 1713 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

  6. Madeline Marie Miville: Birth: 18 Nov 1636 in Notre Dame, Charente, Francce. Death: 16 Sep 1708 in Chateau Richer, Montmorency, Quebec

  7. Jacques Miville: Birth: 2 May 1639 in Brouage, Rochefort, Saintes, Saintonge, France. Death: 27 Jan 1688 in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec

  8. Suzanne Miville: Birth: 24 Jan 1640 in St Hilaire, D'hiers Brouage, Rochefort, Saintes, France. Death: 29 Aug 1675 in Ste Familie, Isle de Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec

a. Note:   e with his family to New-France. Pierre Miville was born ENV 1602, in the area of Freiburg, with l'ouest of Switzerland. Freiburg is a chief town of canton which Sarine bathes, river which takes its source in the north of Sion (Sitten), in the Alps. About 1631, in Brouage, in l'évêché Holy, in Saintonge, current department of the Charente-Maritime, Pierre marries Charlotte Maugis, originating in Saint-Germain in Saintonge. Together, they have seven children, all born in France. L'aîné dies in cin Q years, the six others arrive ENV 1649, to News-France, with their parents. Four of the children have a descent which binds us to the pioneers of Miville. L'aînée of the girls, Marie Miville, is baptized on December 13, 1632, with Our-Lady of Brouage. It marries on November 22, 1650, in Quebec, l'ancêtre Mathieu Amyot, known as Villeneuve, from which five of the sixteen Amyot-Villeneuve children create bonds in this tte genealogy. The first, Pierre Amyot, born in 1653, it marries in 1686, Louise Dodier. The second, Anne-Marie Amyot, born in 1654, wife l'ancêtre of Huard, Jean, born ENV 1641, originating of l'évêché in Chartres. The third, Marie-Francoise Amyot, born in 1660, wife in 1675, l'ancêtre Charles Gingras. The fourth, Catherine-Ursule Amyot, born in 1664, wife in 1683, Jean Duquet, known as Desroches. The fifth, Jeanne Amyot, born in 1670, wife in 1691, Paul Tessier. The second child Miville, Francois, is baptized in Brouage, May 16, 1634. He marries in Quebec, August 10, 1660, Marie Langlois, born in 1646, girl of the pioneers Noël Langlois and Francoise Grenier. Langlois arrived to News-France, since 1634, with Robert Giffard. Of the twelve children of François Miville and Marie Langlois, two girls bind us to Miville. Marie Miville, was born in 1665, it marries in 1684, Michel Gosselin. The second, Jeanne Miville, were born in 1671, it marries in 1689, Denis Boucher. Third Miville, Suzanne, are also baptized in Brouage, January 24, 1640. It marries on April 12, 1655, the carpenter of ship, l'ancêtre Antoine Paulet, born ENV 1625, in Dieppe, in Normandy. Of their seven children, l'aîné, Antoine Paulet ép ouse Renee Graton and in second weddings, February 13, 1685, Anne Loignon. Finally fourth Miville, Jacques, are also baptized with St-Hilaire d'Hiers, May 2, 1639. It marries on November 12, 1669, in Quebec, Catherine DeBaillon, born ENV 1645, girl d'Alphonse DeBaillon, rider and lord of Valence and Mascott ery, and of damoiselle Louise de Marles, of Montfort-l'Amaury, Île of France, she even girl of the lord of Vaugien. Catherine Baillon, a girl of the king arrived to Quebec, in 1669, belonged to an influential and noble family. Research made it possible to go up 29 generations before Catherine, jusqu'à Bernard, king d'Italie died into 815, itself wire of Pip IE R, also king d'Italie deceased into 795, and whose father was null other than Charles Ier, known as Charlemagne, king of the Francs, husband of the Hildegarde queen. Charlemagne was crowned emperor d'Occident in Rome by the pope Leon III, the Christmas Day, of l'an 800. The singer, Celine Dion, Christian Jean and Lucien Bouchard, three famous inhabitant of Quebec which also goes down in hot line from l emperor Charlemagne, king of the Francs of l'an 768 to 814. The Inhabitants of Quebec all are not of the modest descendants of mediums, like one always sought to make it believe. The couple Catherine DeBaillon and Jacques Miville is, with their three sons, the stock of the Miville-Deschêne families of l Americ of North. Jean Miville, known as Deschênes, born in 1672, is that which weaves us the bond, in this genealogy, with so N marriage celebrated in 1691, with Madeleine Dubé, born on September 17, 1673, girl of l'ancêtre Mathurin Dubé and Marie Campion. Jacques Miville, known as Deschênes and Catherine DeBaillon die the same day, January 27, 1688, carried by an epidemic like 1400 people during this only year. L'ancêtre Pierre Miville, known as LeSuisse dies on October 14, 1669. Its funerary takes place the following day, with l'église of Quebec and its body is buried in the parochial cemetery. Charlotte Maugis returns l'âme on October 11, 1676, buried in the cemetery of l'Église, in the Coast of Lauzon. L'Association of the descendants of Pierre Miville Member of the Relay
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