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  1. Iva Frances Mead: Birth: 5 Apr 1886 in St Edward, Nebraska. Death: 25 Sep 1920 in Meadow Grove, Nebraska

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a. Note:   f Miner, and all though he begged to stay as a drummer, he was returned to his home, One or two officers went with him, to see that he arrived safely.
  As a man, he was a gentleman of the old school. Miner was honest and reliable. He was neat and conservative in dress. After his wife died, Miner traveled from state to state, engaged as a contractor carpenter, in localities where his children were settled. Minor a life long member of Methodist Church, and of the Masonic Lodge No. 253, A.F. &. A.M.- Beemer Ne. . Never seen without Masonic pin in lapel, and this emblem on watch chain. He played alto or baritone horn in St Edwards Ne. Band. He sang in Church choir, He was S. S. Supt. He had blue eyes, light brown hair , and fair complexion. He was and a champion speller. He was sociable, courteous, entertained his grandchildren with poetry , songs, riddles, rhymns and puzzles. He composed little songs and poems for them. He wrote articles for newspaper in Sioux City, Iowa.
  Sometime during the early 1900's Mr. M. Mead established a carpet factory in a small house which still stands at the northwest corner of Fith and Frasier St. Beemer, Nebraska. The house is now lived in by Ellen Richtig. The factory was small and operated until about 1910 He died in South Dakota at his daughter Grace's home, He is buried in Beemer, Nebraska.
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