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Marriage: Children:
  1. Abigail Yeoman: Birth: 1798.

  2. Stephen B Yeoman: Birth: 10 Sep 1801 in Tomkins County New York. Death: 9 Sep 1845

  3. Joseph D Yeoman: Birth: 17 Nov 1803 in New York. Death: 12 Mar 1846

  4. Cyrene Yeoman: Birth: 6 Apr 1806 in Westchester County New York. Death: 21 Oct 1888 in Fayette County Ohio

  5. Ira Yeoman: Birth: 5 May 1808 in Eric County New York. Death: 23 Feb 1898

  6. Alva Yeoman: Birth: 25 Feb 1811 in New York.

  7. Jared Yeoman: Birth: 8 Oct 1813 in New York. Death: 19 May 1876 in Holt County Missouri

  8. Lydia Yeoman: Birth: 8 Jul 1816 in New York. Death: 25 Jun 1847

  9. Minerva Yeoman: Birth: 11 Apr 1819.

  10. Samantha Yeoman: Birth: 12 Aug 1822. Death: 17 Oct 1862

a. Note:   JAMES YEOMAN FAMILY BIBLE In possession of Mrs. James Yeoman, R F D Washington Court House, Ohio. Published by C. Alexander & Co., Phila. Pa. Franklin Place, 1834. [this book was published before 1950 - this informant may no longer be alive]
 James Yeoman <../y/JYeoman01.html>, son of Stephen and Abigail, was born June 15th A D 1775 Sarah Yeoman, daughter of Stephen and Lydia Bates was born April 1, A D 1779 Abigail, daughter of James and Sarah Yeoman was born Nov. 28th A D 1798 Stephen B. Yeoman was born Sept. 10, A D 1801 Cyrene Yeoman was born April 17, A D 1806 Ira Yeoman was born May 5th A D 1808 Alva Yeoman was born Feb. 25th A D 1811 Jared Yeoman was born Oct. 8, 1813 A D Lydia Yeoman was born July 8th A D 1816; died June 25, 1847 Minerva Yeoman was born April 11th, A D 1819 Samantha Yeoman was born Aug. 12th A D 1822; died Oct. 17, 1862 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.