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Marriage: Children:
  1. Louise Senesac: Birth: 25 Sep 1861 in St George, Illinois. Death: 22 Oct 1907 in St Anne Cemetery, Illinois

  2. Moses Napolean Senesac: Birth: 31 Dec 1862 in St George. Illinois. Death: 1932 in Bourbonnais, Kankakee County, Illinois

  3. Isaiah Senesac: Birth: 10 Apr 1864.

  4. Prosper Senesac: Birth: 26 Nov 1865 in St George. Illinois. Death: 13 Jan 1921 in Fowler, Benton Co, Indiana

  5. Isaac Senesac: Birth: 10 Apr 1867 in Sacred Heart Church Cemetery. Death: 2 Jan 1914 in Newton, Illinois

  6. Joseph Senesac: Birth: 6 Mar 1868 in Sacred Heart Church Cemetery. Death: 29 Dec 1920

  7. Maire Senesac: Birth: 6 Jul 1869.

a. Note:   eadership of a group formed to drain a large area of marsh & swamp land located in North -Central Indiana. He organized the group, as well as helped to design the large dredges used to create the large drainage ditches needed to drain water from the march land. These large dredges were drawn by yokes of ten ox teams driven through the deep water. Napoleon Senesac drove the first dredge through the area, showing his associates how the dredging had to be done. Thousands of acres of fertile farm land was thus brought under cultivation, which proved to be some of the richest land in North-Central Indiana. Before the drainage was undertaken, Napoleon Senesac had personally acquired large sections of this marsh land from the government for a very nominal consideration.
  Unfortunately, Napoleon in the prime of his life, about 35 years of age (1872), met with sudden death one morning as he entered his barn to look after his horses, when his fine stallion, kicked him in the head as he attempted to enter the horse’s stall. Philomine Regnier Senesac was around 39 years of age when her first husband was killed. She subsequently remarried. Her second husband was Frank Bissette, a farmer, who was born near Fowler, Indiana in 1848. They lived in her first husband’s home and farmed his land north of Fowler, Indiana for several years. That property was eventually sold and Frank Bissette moved to Newton, Illinois, and purchased two or three farms. Eventually Frank Bissette & Philomine moved to Bradley, Illinois, where they both passed away. Frank Bissette died January 10, 1924 age 76 buried at Maternity Cemetery in Bourbonnais, Illinois.
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