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Marriage: Children:
  1. Francoise Goudreau: Birth: 1637 in Port Royal, Arcadia. Death: 29 Nov 1732 in Port Royal, Acadia

  2. Charles Goudreau: Birth: 1639 in Port Royal, Acadie.

  3. Francoise Jeanne Marguerite Goudreau: Birth: 1647 in Port Royal, Acadie. Death: 29 Nov 1732

  4. Jean Goudreau: Birth: 1648 in Anapolis Royal, Acadia.

  5. Rene Goudreau: Birth: 1652 in Port Royal, Acadia, Canada.

  6. Marguerite Goudreau: Birth: 1654 in Port Royal, Acadie. Death: 2 Aug 1727

  7. Francois Jr Goudreau: Birth: 1657 in Acadie. Death: 1683 in Port Royal, Acadie

  8. Claude Goudreau: Birth: 1659 in St Charles, Acadie. Death: 25 Mar 1733 in St Charles, Acadie

  9. Charles Goudreau: Birth: 1661 in Grand Pre, Acadie.

  10. Anne Goudreau: Birth: 1668 in Port Royal, Acadie.

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