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 Emile /Newell/
P: Damar Rooks Co. Kansas
D: 1985

 Zoterin Alfred "Fred" /Newell/
B: 17 Mar 1877
P: L'Erable, Illinois
M: 23 Jan 1900
P: St Joseph Catholic Church, Damar, Kansas
D: 24 Mar 1953
P: Damar, Kansas

 Celina /Morel/
B: 18 Sep 1880
P: New Hampshire, USA
D: 11 Sep 1965
P: Plainville, Rooks Co. Kansas

 Severe /Noel /
B: 25 Dec 1829
P: Vermont
M: 14 Jan 1862
P: Bourbonnais, Illinois
D: 25 May 1915
P: Damar, Rooks Co.Kansas

 Justine "Augustine" /Tremblay/
B: 30 Nov 1842
P: Clarenceville, Iberville, Quebec
D: 9 Feb 1924
P: Richland Township Rooks, County Kansas

 Mitchel /Morel/
B: 14 Jan 1853
P: St. Denis, Kamouraska, Quebec
M: 30 Jul 1879
P: Cacouna, Quebec, Canada
D: 2 Nov 1928
P: Damar, Kansas

 Odile /Saindon/
B: 1 Aug 1849
P: Cacouna, Quebec, Canada
D: 13 Aug 1930
P: Wildhorse Township, Graham County Kansas

 Charles /Vallee/
B: 28 Nov 1792
P: St. Michel de Bellechasse, Quebec New France
M: 15 Oct 1821
P: Chateauquay, Quebec
 Anne /Reid/
B: 21 May 1795
P: Chateauguay, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
P: Chateauguay, Chateauguay,Quebec, Canada
 Mathias /Tremblay/
B: 23 Feb 1805
P: Baie St Paul, Charlevoix Ouest, Quebec
M: 15 Jun 1830
P: Quebec
D: 1895
P: St Joseph, Cloud Co. Kansas
 Marie /Tremblay/
B: 15 Aug 1808
P: Baie St Paul, Quebec, Canada
 Jean Baptiste Jr /Morel/
B: 31 May 1827
P: St. Andre, Kamouraska, Quebec
M: 18 Jul 1848
P: St. Andre, Kamouraska, Quebec
 Adelaide /Gagne/
B: 17 Mar 1832
P: St Andre, Kamouraska, Quebec
D: 5 Jul 1862
P: St Denis, Kamouraska, Quebec
 Celestin /Saindon/
B: 4 Dec 1817
P: Cacouna, Quebec, Canada
M: ABT 1839
P: Cacouna, Quebec, Canada
D: 30 Jan 1895
P: buried at St. Arsene, Quebec, Canada
 Henriette Marie /Talbot/
B: 25 Sep 1820
P: St. Roch I'Islet, Quebec, Canada
D: 30 Dec 1895
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