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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jean Gagnon: Birth: 1594 in Perche, France. Death: 2 Sep 1703 in Ste Famillee, Isle de Orleans, Quebec, Canada

  2. Marguerite Gagnon: Birth: 5 Oct 1598 in Ganonniere. Death: 7 Dec 1677 in Chateau Richer, Quebec, Canada

  3. Noelle Gagnon: Birth: 31 Aug 1601 in Tourouvre, Orne, Perche, France. Death: AFT 20 Nov 1651 in Coulemer, Normandie, France

  4. Mathurin Gagnon: Birth: 22 Oct 1606 in St Aubin, Tourouvre, Orne, France. Death: 21 Apr 1690 in Chateau Richer, Quebec, Canada

  5. Jean Gagnon: Birth: 13 Aug 1610 in Perche, France. Death: 2 Apr 1670 in Chateau Richer, Quebec, Canada

  6. Pierre Jr Gagnon: Birth: 14 Feb 1612 in Perche, France. Death: 17 Apr 1699 in Quebec, Canada

  7. Marthe Gagnon: Birth: 1619 in Orne, France. Death: 21 Nov 1670

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a. Note:   everal versions such as Gaignon, Gangnon, Gaignionand, Gasgnon. Marguerite, his first child, came to New France as the wife of EloiTavernier and her brothers, Mathurin, Jean and Pierre, soon followed.
  Pierre and his family owned and operated a small Inn in Tourouvre called "L'Auberge du Cheval Blanc" (The White Horse Inn). They were very successful as this Inn was the meeting place for many to sign contracts before embarking for New France. The family was so well off that they paid their own way for
 trips to New France while others had to indenture themselves to pay for their passage.
  Died between 16 DEC 1630 and 10 NOV 1633 at La Ventrouze, Mortagne,Perche, France.
Note:   Pierre never came to Canada. He lived in Perche, southwest of Paris,and the family name had s is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.