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  1. Guillaume Pepin: Birth: 1607 in Saintes, France. Death: 12 Aug 1697 in Trois Rivieres, Montmorency, Quebec

  2. Etienne de Lafond: Birth: 1615 in St Laurent of the Barrier, Saintonge, France. Death: 15 Sep 1665 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec

  3. Jacqueline Pepin: Birth: 1616 in Normandie, France. Death: in France

  4. Jean Pepin: Birth: 1630 in Grisy, Eveche of Seez, France. Death: 2 Jun 1711 in Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec, Canada

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a. Note:   amily dates back to the era of Charlemagne in France, Guillaume dit Tranchemontagne and his older brother Etiene Pepin de la Fond, came from France to possess a huge land grant from Louis XIII. The surname of dit Tranchemontagne, meaning 'cut through the mountain' was conferred on Guillaume because of his great vigor. Two of Guillaume's sons, Pierre Pepin and Jean Pepin du Cardonnetes, were early explorers of this region. They came here from Three Rivers, which is on the lower St Lawrence in Canada about 1679. The presence of these two men in this area resulted in the name Pepin for the lake, village, and County."
  PÉPIN also known as: Peppan -- Peppin -- Papin -- Pippin -- Pippen -- Cardonnet -- DeLafond -- DesCardonnets -- Lachance -- Lachaussée -- Laforce -- Refort -- Tranchemontagne . . . mostly.
 Pepins come in all sizes, shapes, and spellings, the first two because of a genetic zest for life, the latter for a myriad of reasons, the least of which was how census takers and immigration officials heard it pronounced. For the most part, the surname Pépin finds its origins in France and Normandy, though if you spell it PIPPIN and PIPPEN, you might also want to look at Great Britain unless you're certain your name started out as PEPIN. As for those of us in North America who can trace our origins back to France and/or Normandy, it's been said that we can thank one of three Pepin men for our existence: Guillaume, Antoine, and Robert. However, I discovered two more Pepin men who were raising families right along side Guillaume, Antoine, and Robert: Etienne Pepin, Sieur De Lafond and Antoine-Philippe Pepin dit Refort. Each came to Québec during the 1600s, when it was a French colony called New France, and raised families despite the political upheavals of the 1700s.
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