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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jean Baptiste Lefebvre: Birth: 23 Jun 1658 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Death: 6 Feb 1736 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada

  2. Marie Lefebvre: Birth: 30 Jun 1664 in Quebec City, Quebec. Death: 26 Jul 1738 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

a. Note:   f Pierre Lefebvre, this one is known as Ladouceur, and of Marie Chasteigny or Châtaigné, celebrated in Quebec, August 17, 1656. Pierre Lefebvre, known as Ladouceur, born about 1627, is the son of Nicolas Lefebvre, and Marie Vauvorin, originating in Villers-on-Sea, close to Bridge-The Bishop, in évêché of Lisieux, in Normandy, today, department of the Apple-brandy. His wife, Marie Châtaigné, born towards 1620, girl of Nicolas Châtaigné and Catherine Sionnel, are originating in Bournevaux or Bournezeau, of The-Rock-on-Yon, évêché La Rochelle, in Aunis (the Vendée). With the census of 1667, Pierre Lefebvre and Marie Châtaigné are both 45 years and 53 years old for the census of 1681. Pierre Lefebvre declares carpenter of trade and inhabitant of Beauport. In 1687, the couple has three children and Lefebvre, known as Ladouceur, seems to carry out an existence similar to that of its contemporaries. However the farmer of Beauport commits suicide, at the end of the summer. The suicide, at that time, is severely punished. The council Souverain declares it "found dead in this parish and died into foolish". September 26, 1687, the seneshal of Beauport orders the confiscation of the goods of disappeared and l?exhumation of the body qu?il condemns "to be trailed on a tray d?un end with l?autre of the borough of Fargy by twice and then hung by the feet with an bracket which will be drawn up in front of its barn to remain the four winters there time, and then trailed with the roadway system (?)". The widow déchue of her rights delegates parents and friends who carry his cause in call in front of the sovereign Council. Next 20 October, the widow covers all her rights and the sentence carried against the body of her husband is reversed. The couple gives to the colony two girls and only one son. This wire, Jean-baptiste Lefebvre, melts a hearth and becomes father of sixteen children, of which five of its sons also melt of the hearths in their turn, to continue to propagate the Lefebvre patronym, of this Normande stock. In this genealogy, c?est the junior Marie Lefebvre, remained only alive, of the two girls, who weaves us the bond of descent with l?ancêtre Pierre Lefebvre. Born on June 30, 1664 and baptized the 6 of the next month, Marie Lefebvre marries on April 7, 1682, l?ancêtre Jean Clouet, born about 1648, originating in St-Jean, district of Bressuire, l?évêché Poitiers, with Poitou. Marie Châtaigné, widow of l?ancêtre Pierre Lefebvre, is buried on February 21, 1699, in Quebec, 90 years old.
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