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Marriage: Children:
  1. Pierre Leclair Leclerc: Birth: 1658 in Dieppe, Rouen, Normandie, France. Death: 27 Jan 1736 in St Laurent, Isle de Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec

  2. Marguerite Leclerc: Birth: 26 Dec 1660 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Death: 8 May 1729

  3. Anne Marguerite Leclerc: Birth: 17 Sep 1664 in Chateau Richer, Montmorency, Quebec. Death: 8 Dec 1699 in St Laurent, Isle de Orleans, Quebec

  4. Nicole Leclerc: Birth: 19 Apr 1666 in Ste Familie, Isle de Orleans, Quebec. Death: 1668 in Isle de Orleans, Quebec, Canada

  5. Jean Charles Leclerc: Birth: 28 Apr 1668 in Chateau Richer, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada. Death: 28 Sep 1749 in Chateau Richer, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada

  6. Adrien Leclerc: Birth: 23 Oct 1670 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Death: 1 Feb 1745 in Charlesbourg, Quebec

  7. Madeleine Leclerc: Birth: 14 Jul 1672.

  8. Martin Leclerc: Birth: 27 Mar 1674 in Ste Familie, Isle de Orleans, Quebec. Death: 7 Aug 1703 in St Pierre, Isle de Orleans, Quebec

a. Note:   d Michelle Rubel, he was born in 1646 and would have been baptized in the church of Our-Lady of Ternay, June 20, 1646. When he arrived in Amériqu E it was already married in Marie Blanquet, said the Fern, and they had a son, fore-mentioned Pierre. The father of Marie is Andrien Blanquet which will also come to America where he will marry in Quebec, November 7, 1663, Anne LeMaître, veu ve of Louis LeRoy. The family is established in Sainte-Famille of the Island of Orleans. Eight other children will be born from their union. Jean Leclerc practised the trade of Tisserand in fabric. One did not find the act of burial of Jean Leclerc in the registers of News-France. According to the Jetté dictionary, he would have been buried on April 13, 1703 in Durantaye. The patronym can be written various ways: Leclerc, LeClair, Leclair, Leclaire, Leclercq, Leclère, Clère.
  Jean Leclerc was a weaver of linen.
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